Tuesday, April 10, 2012

July 2011

Swimming at the neighbors

So tired he fell asleep at the restaurant

Every now and then they DO act like they like each other!

A baby shower cake

A birthday cake

Corbin has an obsession with lining things up…perfectly…

Galveston-June 2011

First, I have to say that I am posting this using Windows Live Writer, and it may just be the thing that renews my love of blogging again!!  It is so quick!  But, I am still learning how to manuevere things around in it!  Why do the pictures look "fuzzy" when I use it??

Here are pictures from our trip to Galveston, Texas.  We headed there after the week we spent in Houston with Nate for work.  We had a blast (it's the beach, how could you not)!




I have to confess, neither Nate nor I would win parents of the year after our first day there!  About half way through the day, we realized that we did not apply sunscreen to ANY of their faces-I felt AWFUL, HORRIBLE, GUILTY, ETC.....they looked very miserable!  At one point (DAYSSSS after the no sunscreen incident), I had to run Lainey to Walgreens to talk to a pharmacist about what to do for a jellyfish sting, and she asked me if Lainey had sunpoisoning-talk about feeling awful!


Toby wasn't too sure about the whole ocean thing (which might not have been a bad thing-I didn't have to worry about chasing him all week and trying to keep him from drowning).  He would walk out a bit, then turn around and come running back towards the dry beach the second any wave started to come his way!







The picture above is how Toby looked after our sunscreen mishap-I was so upset that we did that.  Swollen, puffy eyes, bright red blotches of skin on the face, HOT, looked very painful.  We lathered them up with Aloe Vera and pumped tylenol into them to help!


We can't claim this cool sand sculpture, but below is what happens to it after a 3 year old has looked at it all day long.......


Kite flying........


About our last day or two there, Toby FINALLY warmed up to the "deep" waters and then we couldn't keep him out of them!


The kids were playing near the beach in shallow water one day, and all of a sudden, Lainey just starts screaming in pain.  She runs up on the beach and keeps saying her foot hurts.  We soon saw hives start to appear.  Went back and looked in the water, and saw quite a few jelly fish....couldn't believe we didn't see them before!  So at that point I ran Lainey down to Walgreens to see what we could do-it turns out that vinegar takes the sting and pain out of jellyfish stings!



Yes, We are still alive!

It is sad, but yes, this is a good representation of how ALL the pictures I took of the kids in their Easter clothes turned out!
We did dye eggs, and well, maybe not the best pics of the kids, but oh well!  Don’t mind Corbin’s messy face-and no-Toby does not have pimples all over his head... ... .. .. he was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes!