Monday, August 8, 2011

Houston Part 1

In June, Nate had a training in Houston for work. We decided to go as a family and spend the week in Houston with him and then head to Galveston for a few days!  We stayed right by Nate's training so we could take him each morning and then venture off to have some fun during the day!  My best friend for the week was "Garmin" literally saved our lives and my insanity!  Houston is a crazy awful place to drive!  Whew.....there are days I was surprised we made it back in one piece!

Lainey and Corbin excited to go to bed the first night!  These two LOVE staying in hotels.

 On our first day, we ventured off to the Houston Space Center (aka NASA).  It really was a lot of fun, minus the "accident" we had and had to find someone to get us stuff to clean it up.  Is there anyone else besides me who decides to potty train their child right before leaving on a trip?  (He actually did very well on the trip minus this "little" incident).

Corbin talked about astronauts for weeks after we went! 
He still mentions them and wants to go back to see them!