Thursday, July 14, 2011

April 2011

We flew some kites.....

I love how Corbin is just staring straight up at it!

 Made some cakes.....

Celebrated a THIRD birthday!  He wanted a Toy Story Rocketship.  I can't believe he's THREE!

And just wore ourselves out!


In March, we conned, begged, convinced, bribed, had Nate's brother come down to help us put a sprinkler system in our yard. Since it was the slow time of the year for him, we were lucky enough to get him to do it!

Our backyard has never really been a user friendly backyard.  With one kid, we got away with it, with two, it was doable, with three it was just time to get something done!  The previous owner at one time had an above ground pool.  They had to dig the yard up and make a level spot for it.  Well, then they got rid of it and stuck a tramp there to "fill the spot".  We inherited the tramp when we moved in.  These before pictures don't show how bad our backyard was uneven, but it's the best I have.....

To make our backyard more usable, we needed to haul in some dirt to raise it up and level it out.  We had 7 big truckloads of dirt brought in.  We probably could have used a couple more....but we stopped there.  The kids didn't mind the dirt...especially the boys!

Our backyard "in progress"

I will post some "after" pics as soon as I take some!

The kids really enjoyed their Uncle Aaron being here.  They loved to help out, too!  Corbin is putting together the sprinkler heads.  He has a bit of OCD.......he would take the time to make sure that when he put them back in the box that they were all lined up the exact same way!  He loves to do this with other things around the house!

To make the job easier, Aaron brought his DINGO machine with him.  Corbin was sooooooo excited to get to drive the "tractor"!

Lainey's spring break happened to fall during one of the week's Aaron was here. 
Here are the kids at the South Arkansas Arboretum in El Dorado.....

We took Aaron to see a few places while he was here.  It couldn't be all work!
We went up to LR for the day.  It rained and drizzled most of the time we were there, but we tried to see some things!  We were going to go on a tour of the USS Razorback submarine, but they don't allow you to go in it when it is raining.....too we looked around outside.....

This picture was taken on the bridge connecting Little Rock and North Little Rock.....

I love how the kid the stroller was really inteded for isn't the kid using it! 

We took Aaron up to White Oak State Park one night for a weiny roast and some s'mores

Uncle Aaron made cookies with Lainey and Corbin....

I made a birthday cake for our neighbor's grandson's first birthday!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

February 2011

February found us celebrating TWO birthdays! Lainey turned 6 (really???? 6????? already?????) and Toby turned 1!

Lainey wanted a castle cake this I tried to oblige (migraine and all!).  She was happy with it!  This was her cake for the "family" party (the 5 of us).

All she had wanted for MONTHSSSSS was a pillow pet, so Corbin willingly obliged and got her a pillow pet!

Lainey lucked out for her birthday this year.  It seemed to be the never ending one.....Her real birthday was a Sunday, so Saturday we went to Chuck E Cheese, Sunday we celebrated as a family, Monday she took these ice cream cone cupcakes to school for their snack (and she still had her friend party to do)!

We had a nice day in the middle of the month and they decided they needed to drag out the beach umbrella, a blanket, their chairs, and "lounge" in the sun!

Toby became quite attached to Lainey's pillow pet!

Toby turned ONE!  I'm so sad!  My baby is growing up.  Since he is pretty much (98.9999% sure) our last one, it is sad to know this will be the last time we celebrate a 1st birthday in our family!  This was the family cake.

He got a snake cake to tear into all by himself!

He had so much fun opening gifts!

We got him a wagon, which he just thinks is the neatest thing!

Starting to "test" out the cake.


Lainey wanted a bowling party this year, so this was her cake for that! (By this point, the thought of making another cake made me ill!)

Opening presents at the bowling alley

A "just because" picture.....isn't he adorable!?