Thursday, June 2, 2011


That's the thought that comes to my mind with how far behind I am on my blog!  I know, I know, I don't have to put everything up there, but in a way, it's the only way I remember a lot of things since journaling just doesn't happen (I have good intentions, just doesn't get done).  Also, our computer hasn't been the most cooperative lately (maybe it's because there are 300 billion gigs-no not really, but it seems like that of pictures taking up space and making it slow) which makes it even more of a drag to update!

December 2010

Christmas Eve

The BEST Christmas gift ever.....well worth the $$$ and time to put together!  The kids LOVED it, and still do!  Something we definitely needed to invest in!

They LOVE to bowl!

The BEST play idea ever!  The boys love to play with their cars and trucks.  One day, when we couldn't figure out what to do, I asked Corbin if he wanted to draw a town for his cars so they could drive to things.  It was a hit!  I think we left the pictures up for like a week because the kids kept playing with it!  (PS...why does Blogger take it upon itself to rotate your pictures and not give you a way to rotate them back????)

January 2011=SNOW!

We got dumped on here in South Arkansas with snow this year (yes, I realize in UT or CO it would be considered a "dusting", but for here, it was a LOT...we got 5 snow days from school out of all our snow storms)! It brought a smile to my face! I REALLY miss it!

Corbin snowbowling in perfect form!  We sent this pic in to the local news and they posted it on their site!

The following are pictures of our snowman wars!  So much fun!