Wednesday, March 16, 2011

November 2010

Playing in the leaves
2 wedding cakes...the grooms cake.....

The brides cake

We have a CRAWLER!  When he first began to crawl, he loved to get under the table.  He is by far my worst about putting things in his mouth-he finds the teeniest, tiniest, random things and will start chomping away, and he (still to this day) gets VERY mad when you take these things away from him!
Yes, his mouth is on the floor and I'm taking a picture instead of running over there to stop him!
Lainey's Thanksgiving Feast at school (it keeps turning sideways in Blogger and I don't know why)
Our Thanksgiving....since we've lived in Arkansas, we have yet to be with family for Thanksgiving.  A few months before Thanksgiving, Nate said he'd like to just go somewhere for a couple days since we don't have family in town anyways.  He had a business trip in September, and they booked him at a Marriott Suites, he loved it and we figured that would be awesome for us at Thanksgiving to allow us to still cook our own dinner.  Well, then we decided to see if my parents wanted to meet us at a half-way point.  So we packed up and headed to Midland, Texas (which I really actually liked).  We had a lot of fun, shopped a bunch (I LOVE day after Thanksgiving shopping, and I hit it HARD this year), played, and just spent time together, and watched a very sad and disappointing football game :( (Boise State vs Nevada).  This may have to turn into an annual trip!
Lainey at the park.  Funny story I have to add.....Lainey HATES dogs.....FREAKS out whenever one is around.  Corbin has a "thing" with strangers....doesn't like other people to be around......So, we pull up at this park and there is no one else there playing.  HOWEVER, there is a dog running around the parking lot and his owner sitting in his truck.  As soon as the kids see this, they REFUSE to get out of the car.  Lainey is crying over the dog and Corbin is crying over someone he doesn't know being there in the parking lot.  It took a bit, and some convincing, but we finally got them both out of the car!
Exhausted children!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Halloween 2010

Halloween was a blast!
For the second year we went out to our good friends house for a weiny roast and trick or treating hay ride.  They have three kids (all boys) who are all the same ages as our kids.  They love playing together (and shhhhh.....I think Lainey has a bit of a crush on their oldest-WAIT, she's too young for that!).
It's a lot of fun.  They live out in the "country" and no one ever trick or treats out there.  So she sets it up with a bunch of her neighbors for us to come, and we go on a hay ride to each house.  The kids LOVE it!

A witch, a train engineer and a dinosaur!
He is such a doll!  Love this picture!
Corbin with his buddy!

I always have to expect a picture like this from Corbin....but it's adorable!

Our cute pumpkin patch witch!

Toby loved it!
Roasting hot dogs!