Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

 We spent the day up in central Arkansas at a pumpkin patch with our good friends.  The kids had a blast playing around and looking at all the animals and riding a tractor out to the field to pick their pumpkins.  Both Lainey and Corbin wanted the huge pumpkin that they saw, and we told them they could have it if they could pick it up!


It's been awhile.......I've sat down to update many times, but blogger would just be a pain, or I'd think of all the stuff I've meant to post and haven't and it was just overwhelming and time consuming.  So in an effort to catch up a bit, here's the first of a few posts to catch you up on the end of 2010!

The Army Corps of Engineers brings their barge to our town every year and does a dinner and cruise.  I thought the kids would enjoy seeing it, so we went to look at it afer school one day (blogger keeps uploading it sideways....sorry!)

We enjoyed some nice days playing at the park....
I love this one of Corbin-so him! 

Went with Lainey and her class to the county fair.  For the second year, she entered a bunch of art work. 

Soccer season began.  Here is Corbin with his good friend Jack.... 
Lainey playing goalie.  This year was MUCH better than last!  Last year we could hardly get her to go out on the field.  She had a lot of fun this year! 

A cake I made for our good friends sons first birthday!