Thursday, October 14, 2010

Toby-6 months

I can't believe he's six months old! (Okay, 8 months old now, but these pictures are his 6 month old pictures)!

We've had nice pictures taken of all the kids at 6 months. Where we live it's hard to find nice places for pictures (and people that don't charge you a down payment on a car for them). An organization here was doing a fundraiser with pictures about a week after his 6 month bday. So I jumped at the chance to have them taken. She did such an awesome job! I am so in love with them! We were there and done in about 10 minutes because he was just so easy going and happy. Here is a link to her website for anyone around here looking for someone!

August-It's come and gone!

Another birthday has come and gone...I think Nate and Lainey got the numbers backwards on my wonderful cake they decorated for me. It should be "2" "3"!

We just love this face!

So, after sending Lainey upstairs to get her jammies on one night, she walked down with this get up on. She insisted that was what she wanted to wear! Let me remind you, this is Arkansas, middle of August, HUMID (Yes we have A/C, but sometimes it just doesn't make much difference)!

FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN! This is the day Lainey has been looking forward to since her birth (seriously, I think so). She has wanted nothing else but to be old enough to go to school! When preschool ended, the beginning of kindergarten still seemed so far off and that I'd have loads of time to spend with her this summer. WRONG! I can't believe how fast it went by. As much as I was ready for her to go....I was really dreading it and really wishing she didn't have to! She was so excited! Our school district went to uniforms this year, so back to school shopping was really quite simple!

Here she is before we loaded up to head to school.

All in the car and ready to go.

Sitting at her table and coloring right when we got to school.

Corbin was kind of lost without her all day (but was also very mellow!). Nate had taken the day off to be able to go with her on her first day, and he and I each had a few errands to do that day. Whenever one of us would walk in the house, Corbin would get all excited and go running to the back door calling Lainey's name. He was VERY disappointed when he saw that it was just one of us. I guess mom and dad are second and third on his priority list! He really missed her those first few days!

Lainey has been bugging us for a scooter since last Christmas. Lately we had been telling her to save up her money so she could buy it herself. She had been working hard at it. Then a dear friend of mine from Denver sent a gift card for Toby's birth, and added some money on there for Lainey and Corbin to be able to also get something for themselves. Lainey was ALMOST there with her money saved up, so we told her if she wanted to use her portion of the gift card for the difference she could. After we told her that, we couldn't get to Walmart quick enough! So thank you again Margy!

Baby shower cake. LOVED it. I was so happy with how this one turned out! The stripes were a killer though. Thought it would be easy cheesy and over in a snap....WRONG! They took HOURS to do! Remember the car cake and road cake from the previous post? This cake was for the same family.

Toby is turning into such a thumb sucker! I was always so glad when my kids weren't pacifier kids....but at least you can take those away! A thumb is always there, and even though he looks so cute right now-I am hoping he will quickly grow out of it since we've already got another kid who will need major orthodontic work because of her thumb! And no....he does not have the chicken pox. If there is a mosquito within 25 feet of my children, bug bites just appear....seriously!