Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well, I've been asked by some family for an update....I know, it's been awhile and it's been the same old story with the last few posts.....So to make those happy who have asked, here's the first of a few posts to come....
July was busy. We blessed Toby and both of our parents were able to come out for it. They timed it so we got to spend time alone with each of them. So we were busy entertaining!

We took Grandma and Grandpa Vollmer up to White Oak Lake one night and made smores...yummy.

Here is Toby in his blessing outfit. He's such a cute baby!

Of course, no visit from Grandmas and Grandpas would be complete without a trip to Chuck E Cheeses. My parents were kind enough to take a road trip and deal with it!

A lady Nate works with has a private pond on her land. She invited us to all go fishing. Toby and I stayed home while the rest went. Corbin never did get a chance to get on the boat, but he got a new Toy Story fishing pole and didn't mind one bit. I guess there was a boat docked on the side, so he had fun in that, too. Lainey was the only one who caught a fish!

Toby had his first serving of cereal! He loved it after he got the hang of it!

We took a day trip with some friends to the Crater of Diamonds State Park. It is an actual diamond mine open to the public. You get to dig in the dirt and try to find your own diamonds. You get to keep what you find. I've heard of people putting their children through college doing it! It was fun, but HOT! We really didn't know what we were doing, we were pretty much just there for the kids to have fun. We want to go back and be a bit more serious about it. Maybe when the weather cools! There is a water park there, and of course we just had to do that, too!

Lainey decided this month that she was going to put her head under water in the pool. THANK GOODNESS. We thought the day would never come! Nate took her to his works day at a water park in Little Rock, and while there she just decided to do it! This is her showing me for the first time over at our neighbors. She's so excited!

Did I mention somewhere that it was HOT!!!!!! This picture was taken at 11:39 AM. Add the 90%+ humidity, and yeah, it was miserable. Heat indexes in the 120's!