Friday, April 2, 2010

End of March

Here's what we did the end of March.....

A wedding cake. LOOOOVVVVEEEED it.

The bride requested 'sparkly' swirls to go along with the silver colors they had with their decorations. I was worried because I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to do it or if it would turn out. I found 'sparkly' cake gel, and scrolled the decorations on, but did not think it was bold enough, so I also had some 'sparkle flakes' for cakes and ended up hand painting a mixture over each gel decoration. I guess it worked because the bride emailed me and told me she loved her cake.

An egg hunt (one of many it seems). Nate's work put on an egg hunt for the employees kids. I don't have too many pictures of them hunting for the eggs....But they had a little area set up where you could take pictures

and then we let the kids stay a bit and play at the park. You can see that Lainey enjoyed the teeter totter,

Corbin, not so much!

We colored Easter eggs.

You can plainly see Corbin enjoyed it. Here's his famous cheeser smile.

It's an automatic smile he gives you whenever he sees or heres the camera! I only got one half way decent photo of Lainey.

Lately it seems that she manages to close her eyes or have a really wierd look captured each time her picture is taken. And, I now know why they advise you on the coloring kits to put newspaper or wax paper down. With Lainey we never had to worry about it. You can see that is a different story with Corbin! He even managed to color his forhead!

Thank goodness my table will look normal again thanks to the 'magic erasers'!

We put puzzles together.

Corbin lovesssss puzzles lately. He is so patient and will sit and figure them out all on his own. He'll do puzzles for an hour if you'll let him. I was so proud of him one day. I was in the chair feeding Toby and Corbin sat down to play with puzzles. He put this puzzle together all by himself with no help. If he couldn't figure out a piece, he would put it off to the side in a seperate pile and go back later and try to figure it out until the puzzles was all put together!

Way to go buddy!

Had another egg hunt with the MOPS group.

See, the cheeser smile!

And Toby was just along for the ride.

This was so cute.....

Nate was laying in the chair one night with Toby on his chest. Toby would lift his head up and just stare at Nate. He's growing up too fast!