Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Month

I can't believe he is ONE MONTH OLD!

How time flies by! Toby is such an EASYYYYY baby. He has MAYBE cried a total of 2hours from the time he's been home from the hospital. He sleeps 3-4 hours a time during the day and about 6 hours a time at night! Dirty diapers don't even bother him. I am not sure how I got so lucky! He is just a happy, easy going guy....must have got it from his daddy! He is starting to wake up a bit more and will just sit and look around at what we're doing (I'm sure he thinks we're all crazy). Then he'll just doze off to sleep by himself when he gets tired! The last time he was weighed he was 9 pounds 10 ounces. He had some trouble gaining back his weight at first, but now he's on track. We're stilllllll waiting for the state to send back his blood work from his second PKU test. We're still hoping it was a false positive the first time. I guess we'll see. It's been about 3 weeks since the retest so we should hear any day.


Last weekend was the annual Camden Daffodil Festival. Here are some pictures from our adventures.....

WARNING....Not pretty

Okay, I'm obviously not posting this because it is flattering by ANY's the complete opposite. Maybe it will help someone in the future recognize it in them, and frankly, it was just so crazy! Anyways...

A couple weeks back I had a BADDDDDD sinus infection. I was on an antibiotic already for the Bronchitis, but it obviously wasn't doing anything for the sinus infection. So my DR put me on a different antibiotic for the sinus infection. I had taken the antibiotic before, and most recently around November. I was actually on the tail end of the antibiotic. I woke up one morning and saw what I thought were hives (you know, the little red dots) all over my arms. Called a nurse friend and she told me that benadryl was safe to take while nursing. It was probably because I had been out in the daffodils all day the previous 2 days. But if I started to run a fever, then it wasn't allergy related (like seasonal/outdoor allergy stuff). So Nate and Lainey headed up the airport with my mom. I ran to get benadryl. Later that afternoon, the hives were spreading and I started running a fever. Great I thought. Every joint in my body ached...I felt like I had arthritis. My arms, hands, feet, knees were swelling up. It hurt to even walk! Made it through the day and night (and faithfully took my antibiotics like I was suppossed to). I was starting to think it was Fifths Disease or Shingles or something else from teh Chicken Pox line. First thing Monday I called to get in to my DR. I took my meds with me because they always ask what you're on. He looked at me and knew something wasn't right. He asked about medications and I handed them to him. The minute I handed them he held one up and said "you're having an allergic reaction to this...I'm positive". I was shocked, but also relieved. I was shocked because I had that medicine before, and a couple times within the last year. He said with it that it was not uncommon to break out the 2nd, 3rd, etc...time you take it. He even said some people do not have the reaction until MONTHS after finishing the medicine!! I was told to NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER take that family of medication again. I went home and researched it online. Now the constant headache I had had since starting it made sense. The awful stomach pains that had started a few days before made sense. The trip to the ER in December with what I thought was another gall bladder attack made sense. So I guess my point is, if you are on antibiotics and have silly side effects that are not "uncommon" (headache, stomach ache) that you just brush off.....DON'T! I'm just thankful and lucky that it didn't attach my respiratory functions and swell my throat!
So, here are some pics of my arms, legs and face....this is Monday morning! I have to say, when you look like this and you're walking through Walmart to the pharmacy to get your steroid prescription filled, you get A LOT of wierd and worried looks!