Saturday, February 27, 2010

Toby is here!

Toby-9 pounds 7 ounces!

(It's a long the end of the pictures, I'll tell ya who won!)

He's here! And we're excited! For the last month and a half, I had been really miserable. I kept telling Nate and my Doctor that I didn't think I was going to make it out of January! January came and went, and luckily, no baby (although I didn't feel too lucky at the time!). Then came Lainey's birthday at the beginning of February. We kept telling her she may be celebrating her birthday in the hospital, just so she was prepared. I had even put off doing her friend party because I figured we'd have a newborn, or I'd be in the hospital. Her birthday came and went, no baby.

Nate's been really busy at work. They're doing a bunch of renovations and upgrades and he's had a lot to do. For about 3 weeks, Nate had told me each Sunday night that since I had not gone into labor over the weekend, if I could just hold off until Friday he'd really appreciate it. He'd been telling people each night when he left where he was at in the process of things and what needed to be done next.....but then he was always there the next day. My 34th week hit, and I thought for sure it'd be such dialating, nothing but contractions and pain. 35th week hit, I thought for sure it'd be any day....I'd never gone over 35 weeks and I feel VERY sorry for anyone who is made to go over 40 weeks! Nothing....still not dialated.

I had an appointment on Friday at 35 1/2 weeks and was just praying the doctor would tell me I was dialated and far enough dialated that he could go ahead and deliver me. NOPE. He did admit that he did not think that I would have made it this long and that a month ago he was really worried. He told me to keep resting, stay off my feet as much as possible, and he'd see me in a week. Gave me pain meds so I could sleep more than 2 hours a night. Sunday came and I got the same speech from Nate. By then, I'd just given up hope and gave up even trying to make a guess as to when! Roll around Wednesday morning.

I had taken the pain meds the last few nights and had been getting a glorious 5 hours of sleep a night. It felt like heaven! Around Midnight on Wednesday morning I suddenly woke up after about 2 hours of sleep. Something was different...something just felt like it was going to happen. My contractions were the same....sporadic, nothing too serious. So I just laid there and tried to go back to sleep. I figured if it was time, the contractions would get worse. I drifted in and out of sleep. Nate woke up for work and I got up about 5:20 am with him to say goodbye. I made mention that I thought it may be soon, and he asked if he should go to work and I said yep, nothing was really telling me it was "time". So he left. Previous to the goodbye, I had a couple instances where I kept thinking, "okay, I'm not peeing on myself, but my contractions aren't really picking up either." (I figured I'd get heavy contractions again like I did with Corbin). Anyways, about 15 minutes later I finally decided that yes, my water had broken and called Nate. I told him he needed to turn around and come home and that we needed to head to the hospital. I was really surprised things weren't happening as fast as they had with Corbin, that was my biggest fear. So we got checked in, in the bed and waited for the Doctor. He came and checked me, said yes my water had broken, my contractions were good, but still not dialated (seriously?). He said he'd do the c-section around 12:30. I was thinking....what......6 1/2 more hours? Nate actually had to go home and take Lainey to our doctor that morning, she had been getting pretty sick. When he was there, our doctor did tell him that if my labor started going faster and I was getting closer to delivering, that he would do it sooner, but if not, he'd see us at 12:30. I made it to 12:30, and I have to admit I was surprised. I actually got a bit nervous and started second guessing having a c-section again. Since Corbin's was an emergency (and happened in a matter of minutes) and I was knocked out, I really had no recollection of anything. But now the thought of being awake and not really knowing what to expect was scary. But then the thought of pushing out a possible 8+ pound baby didn't sound fun either. The c-section actaully went well, except for the nausea and almost throwing up, but I got over it. Nate and I both thought all along it was a girl (we hadn't found out what we were having, it was just our gut feelings), so we were very surprised when they pulled out the baby and it was a BOY! Everyone in the operating room starting actively talking about how big he was. They were even making guesses at like 11 pounds (but they don't weigh the baby in the OR, they take them back to the nursery). When we saw him, he sure was a cutie and a CHUNK! What a big boy he was!

I got really sick Thursday night and broke into a 102.3 degree fever. They did a bunch of tests and a chest x ray for pneumonia. Finally they said I had bronchitis! The doctor figures I came in with something and it just progressed from there (Lainey and Corbin had been fighting colds). I lost my voice, had a horrible cough (which is not fun with a c-section) and just prayed I wouldn't get pneumonia. Then, Toby's billirubin levels shot up and he had to have the lights for jaundice (we've done it with each kid so far, so we weren't really surprised) and we had to have the lights at home for a couple days. Then yesterday, the doctor's office called and said that Toby's newborn screening (PKU) came back with amino acid abnormalities and that he needed to go back to the hospital to be retested. So we took him in this morning and now have the grueling process of waiting a week or so for the results. I researched the tests they do and none of the diseases are any good if he has abnormalities, so we're just praying it was a false positive. The nurse at the hospital tried to reassure me that things were probably okay, that there just must have been something wrong with the blood on the original test that sent it back abnormal. I guess we'll see. We'll let people know when we find out something! But for now we're home, he's sleeping VERY well, eating not so good, and being adored by his big sister and brother (and mom and dad, too).

And the winner is.....
Heather! She guessed February 19th. So Heather, I'll get something together and get it to you in the mail (who knows when I'll actually make it to the post office, but I promise, you'll get something!).
But there's some runner's up......
Jaime guess February 26th, which was actually my scheduled c-section date. I had not told anyone that date, so I think she deserves something for guessing that on the nose.
Aleen did 2 guesses, her original one was the same as a previous guess, so she also guessed that I'd have the baby sometime between Feb 14th-17th!
So Jaime, email me your address, I'll get something to you and Aleen, too!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Rock

I had a doctor's appointment the Friday before Toby was born. I was HOPINGGGGGG that he'd say I was dialated, and that since I had been having contractions for the last 6 weeks that he'd go ahead and deliver me. No such luck. He said the baby was VERYYYYY low, but I was not dialated at all. Although he did tell me that he did not think I was going to make it as long as I did, and that a month ago, he was really worried. He told me to continue to rest, stay off my feet as much as possible, and that he'd see me in a week. He told me he was sorry I was so miserable, and that wasn't his goal, but regardless, this baby was still premature and he was going to leave the baby in as long as he could. He was kind enough however to give me some pain meds so I could get more than 2 hours of sleep a night! Anyways, I was really disappointed and frustrated...I was just tired of being miserable. So I went home and got a crazy whim to go to Little Rock for the night. I asked Nate if he wanted to get out and get away and he was for it, so we packed some bags, loaded up the car, got directions to a hosptial up there (just in case) and left. Nate asked me if I had asked the DR if I could go, no I hadn't, and he probably would have told me no if I asked, but we chanced it. It was nice to get away, go shopping, play, and eat at yummy restraunts. I was completely miserable, but had fun with the family. Friday we went shopping and went to the mall. I had about 15 total strangers stop me and tell me that I was going to have this baby at any time. One lady was quite adamant that it was coming within the next day. On Saturday we woke up and took the kids to the Children's Museum in downtown Little Rock. They had an amazing "little" kid area, and we had a lot of fun playing around. I made it through our quick trip with out going into labor, and it was nice to get away and get my mind off it for a bit!

Monday, February 22, 2010


We were told that we were going to get some "good" snow in southern Arkansas around the 12th and 13th. Sure enough, around 4:30 on Thursday it started to snow! The snow was the big, wet, flaky kind....perfect for playing in and building things with!

It was starting to stick and accummulate pretty fast, so Lainey and I woke Corbin up from his nap, bundled us all up and headed outside. Needless to say, they both had a BLAST and did NOT want to come in at the end!

Our neighbor brought over a sled for them to ride in, and it was just about perfect timing because not too much later, Nate got home and wasn't even allowed to go inside! They loved being pulled around the yard.

It snowed for quite a while, and it was still around in the morning! So we had to bundle up again and go for round #2! I loved our multi colored snowman (there's suppossed to be a picture of Lainey with it, not sure what happened to it on here). It didn't last too long the next day when they went out to play. They loved taking it down!

The snow was a great distraction. We do miss living where we got quite a bit more and were able to do more in it, but this was great snow and a great chance to make some memories!

Happy #5 Lainey!

Lainey is FIVE! I can't believe it! (First off, does anyone else have any problems uploading their pics and on the posting screen they just show up as rubish????)
Anyways, I can not believe that I have a FIVE YEAR OLD! The time has flown by! Lainey is such a wonderful girl and a great big sister. I'm so happy that she is my daughter and part of our family! So far, we've just celebrated her big day as a family...her friend party is in the works, figured we needed to get another member of our family here before I tackled that! We went to El Dorado for the morning and she went to Home Depot and did their "kid workshop", then we ate lunch at Applebee's. We spent the day at home and had dinner at where else, McD's. Then it was time for cake and gifts. No, I did not make this cake.....I honestly thought we'd be in a hosptial room for her birthday, so I just ordered one! She is now looking forward to her COWGIRL birthday party which we'll have in the next couple weeks!
She is excited because she knew when she turned five, she would be almost ready to go to kindergarten! So that's our next big milestone (don't want it to happen!). Anyways, Lainey is such a smart and talented little girl. She loves to create things! She's such a big help (most of the time) with things around the house. She loves to dance with Nate and teach new things to Corbin. She usually doesn't mind him following her around and copying her all day long! I could go on, but I'll stop. We're just glad she's ours!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who's still in the running?

Well, I didn't think that anyone who guessed after around the 6th of February would still be in the running, but it looks like you are! So I am 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I've never made it past the 35 week mark, so if I do, I think I may go crazy! Anyways, here's who is still in the running for the closest guess as to when this baby is coming!
Heather M
Crystal S
Kim J
Jaime G
Mary S
Aleen V
Trina H
Sherry T

I'll give ya a WILL be a February baby (even though my due date is March 17). My c-section is scheduled for sometime this month. One of you lucky guessers even guessed the right day...but I'm not telling who yet! But please, I do not want to have to make it to then! I'll keep ya posted!