Sunday, January 31, 2010

Okay, when I find good deals, I like to pass it on. I just got some good deals (made my mom do an order, too) on diapers and some other things at

I've got some promo codes for you, that you enter at the checkout. You may have to play around with them and do 2 seperate orders (I'm not sure if it will let you do both at one time, I've tried to set up an account under Nate to see if it will work, but it remembers our computer and won't take one of the codes off again). AND, order $49 or more and the shipping is free.........

Here are the codes:

NATE5752-$10 off your first order of diapers

10PAMPERS-$10 off pampers

10PERCENT-10% off anything besides diapers (I ordered some sippy cup replacement spouts and nursing pads).

Now, I'm thinking the NATE5752 and 10PAMPERS should be able to be used together, but if not, and you're wanting to stock up, do two orders, but use the NATE5752 on your FIRST order, because it states it is good for a first order at their website only. Then you should be able to use the 10PAMPERS on your next order.

Play around with it, try them out if you want. I just placed my order and it says I should have it by Wednesday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things in January

First, I'm hoping the pictures show up okay, because right now it's a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but on the "preview" they are okay.....
So here's some of what's happened in January...

Lainey's first two teeth came out. Yes, that's right, our FOUR YEAR OLD lost two teeth. It was quite a dramatic experience and even took a trip to the dentist where he said, yes, they are BOTH (I thought just one) quite loose and ready to fall out at any moment. No, it didn't look like she had damaged or hurt them to cause them to loosen, they were just loose on her own. WHY it took her as long as it did to tell us, we don't know. Anyways, 2 weeks to the date after the trip to the dentist, they FINALLY came out while she was helping Daddy paint the baby's room. Here she is proudly showing them off.

I came home from work one night to find an interesting concoction on the stove. Lainey asked Nate if she could make up a recipe and bake something, so he let her got to town. Here's a picture of her creating it. Any takers?

Another cake for my neighbor....Nate says it's his favorite yet.

One night Lainey was drawing on her easel and drew a picture of Nate. I told her to wait a minute while I got the camera because it was a really good drawing. When I got back, it was gone. So this is a "duplicate", and a pretty good replica of the first. I just love it!

We've had some pretty cold weather for southern Arkansas and have been cooped up inside for days. With the way I'm feeling, too, there are some days where we're ALL (minus Nate) lucky to get out of pajamas. This wasn't one of those days obviously. But to entertain the kiddos for a while I built them a blanket tent and they played under there for a few hours.

NOTE: Utah and Colorado laughing. Earlier this month, we got SNOW! It's been 2 years since we've seen any of the white stuff around here and Lainey had been much anticipating it. One morning, sure enough, it started coming down. So we got bundled up and headed outside. Lainey really wanted to build a snowman and make snow angels, but we weren't lucky enough this time to do that. This first picture is the snow on my neighbors garage.

Lainey kept trying to convince me that they should be able to jump on the tramp with the snow...didn't happen!

There was enough to pick up and hold.

Corbin had fun.

Ready to "play" (or just watch) in the snow.

Baby update.....I'm 33 weeks and 1 day. I've got to make it until Feb 3 (next Wednesday). I'm not feeling any better, but some days are better than others and I can get things done. The baby's room is painted, I've got some baby clothes washed and ready for the hospital, and I've begun to get my things ready for the hospital. This is the MOST we've had done for any pregnancy (previous 2 came with NOTHING ready). Which means I'll probably hold off now until my scheduled c section (ha ha ha, not likely). I have an appointment tomorrow so we'll see what the DR says then. I was really thinking it would be in January, which is still possible, but I'd say by the first weekend of February.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Any Guesses???

Let's see if I get more than my 2 readers to respond to this. Actually, I know there's more of you out there because of my blog tracker, but let's see if I get more than 2 responses! My comments should be open to anyone, so you don't need a "google" account to send me a comment.

Let's have a little contest with this baby! Leave me a comment with your 3 guesses......

1. Boy or girl?

2. Date it will be born (if you're adventurous, leave a time)

3. How much will it weigh?

If you don't have a google account, make sure I know your email address or leave me your email address so I can get ahold of you if you "win" (not promising anything big, but a little something).

Here's some past info to help you out. Today I am 30.5 weeks (My due date is March 17). Child 1 came exactly at 35 weeks. 8:18 am and 6 lbs 4 oz. Child 2 came at 34 1/2 weeks. 9:35 am and 8 lbs 10 oz. I'll tell you though, I already feel like I did with Child 2 at around 33 weeks. So let's see what you all think!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

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Well, it's been here and it's gone. This was our first Christmas to spend totally alone, with no outside family. While it went well, it was wierd not to have anyone else around. Our days were pretty low key. On Christmas Eve we opened the traditional pajamas and then let the kids open their ornaments and gifts to each other. We had decorated cookies for Santa, left them by the fire with a note, milk and carrots. We sprinkled our lawn with reindeer food and read the Christmas story from the bible. Then we got the kids headed off to bed so we could get ready for the next morning. Lainey went to bed just fine. Corbin on the other hand is a whole different story. He usually goes to bed just fine, maybe some light fussing for 1-2 minutes, but for the most part he does well. Tonight was just not his night. We put him down and he screamed bloody murder for about 15 minutes. We had already started to pull things out downstairs, so I couldn't bring him down to rock. So I ended up getting him and laying down in our bed with him (that was about 8:45 ish). Around 9:30 Nate came to check on us. Corbin was out so he picked him up and thought it would be a sinch to put him to bed. Wrong! As soon as Nate laid him on his bed he popped up and started screaming again. So Nate took a turn and laid down with him. About 10:45 I got done with everything and headed upstairs. Nate said Corbin had just laid there and looked at him the whole time, didn't move, just looked. So we tried again, and he just did not want his bed. So I stuck him in bed with us. He laid there for a bit and would just look around. Nate and I were both dozing off. Then Corbin decided it was play time. We could not get him to lay down or sit still for anything. About 11:30 we had enough and decided he just would have to scream. So I put him in his crib and went back to bed. The screaming was unreal, and at midnight I hauled some blankets and pillows into his room. I closed his door, took him out of his crib, told him to play and I made a bed on the floor and a bed for him on the floor in case he decided to lay down by me and I fell asleep! He played! Around 1 am I heard a knocking on the door. I woke up and he was at his door (inside his room) wearing a princess slipper and knocking in hopes someone would let him out. I told him enough was enough. Put him on the floor next to me, turned off the light, and he fell asleep! I woke up a few times (not the most comfortable of sleeping arrangements for a pregnant lady) and around 7:00 I guess I finally woke up for good and headed to my own bed. Around 8:30 or so Lainey came to inform us she could not get downstairs because the gate was up. We made her lay in our bed until Corbin woke up and we were all ready to go downstairs. Then the fun began. Lainey could not wait to rip into the presents and we had to keep telling her to slow down. We'd turn around, trying to take turns, and she'd have another one unwrapped! But it was fun to see their excitement and watch them play with their new toys. We just enjoyed a cold and low key day at home with each other.