Thursday, October 14, 2010

Toby-6 months

I can't believe he's six months old! (Okay, 8 months old now, but these pictures are his 6 month old pictures)!

We've had nice pictures taken of all the kids at 6 months. Where we live it's hard to find nice places for pictures (and people that don't charge you a down payment on a car for them). An organization here was doing a fundraiser with pictures about a week after his 6 month bday. So I jumped at the chance to have them taken. She did such an awesome job! I am so in love with them! We were there and done in about 10 minutes because he was just so easy going and happy. Here is a link to her website for anyone around here looking for someone!

August-It's come and gone!

Another birthday has come and gone...I think Nate and Lainey got the numbers backwards on my wonderful cake they decorated for me. It should be "2" "3"!

We just love this face!

So, after sending Lainey upstairs to get her jammies on one night, she walked down with this get up on. She insisted that was what she wanted to wear! Let me remind you, this is Arkansas, middle of August, HUMID (Yes we have A/C, but sometimes it just doesn't make much difference)!

FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN! This is the day Lainey has been looking forward to since her birth (seriously, I think so). She has wanted nothing else but to be old enough to go to school! When preschool ended, the beginning of kindergarten still seemed so far off and that I'd have loads of time to spend with her this summer. WRONG! I can't believe how fast it went by. As much as I was ready for her to go....I was really dreading it and really wishing she didn't have to! She was so excited! Our school district went to uniforms this year, so back to school shopping was really quite simple!

Here she is before we loaded up to head to school.

All in the car and ready to go.

Sitting at her table and coloring right when we got to school.

Corbin was kind of lost without her all day (but was also very mellow!). Nate had taken the day off to be able to go with her on her first day, and he and I each had a few errands to do that day. Whenever one of us would walk in the house, Corbin would get all excited and go running to the back door calling Lainey's name. He was VERY disappointed when he saw that it was just one of us. I guess mom and dad are second and third on his priority list! He really missed her those first few days!

Lainey has been bugging us for a scooter since last Christmas. Lately we had been telling her to save up her money so she could buy it herself. She had been working hard at it. Then a dear friend of mine from Denver sent a gift card for Toby's birth, and added some money on there for Lainey and Corbin to be able to also get something for themselves. Lainey was ALMOST there with her money saved up, so we told her if she wanted to use her portion of the gift card for the difference she could. After we told her that, we couldn't get to Walmart quick enough! So thank you again Margy!

Baby shower cake. LOVED it. I was so happy with how this one turned out! The stripes were a killer though. Thought it would be easy cheesy and over in a snap....WRONG! They took HOURS to do! Remember the car cake and road cake from the previous post? This cake was for the same family.

Toby is turning into such a thumb sucker! I was always so glad when my kids weren't pacifier kids....but at least you can take those away! A thumb is always there, and even though he looks so cute right now-I am hoping he will quickly grow out of it since we've already got another kid who will need major orthodontic work because of her thumb! And no....he does not have the chicken pox. If there is a mosquito within 25 feet of my children, bug bites just appear....seriously!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well, I've been asked by some family for an update....I know, it's been awhile and it's been the same old story with the last few posts.....So to make those happy who have asked, here's the first of a few posts to come....
July was busy. We blessed Toby and both of our parents were able to come out for it. They timed it so we got to spend time alone with each of them. So we were busy entertaining!

We took Grandma and Grandpa Vollmer up to White Oak Lake one night and made smores...yummy.

Here is Toby in his blessing outfit. He's such a cute baby!

Of course, no visit from Grandmas and Grandpas would be complete without a trip to Chuck E Cheeses. My parents were kind enough to take a road trip and deal with it!

A lady Nate works with has a private pond on her land. She invited us to all go fishing. Toby and I stayed home while the rest went. Corbin never did get a chance to get on the boat, but he got a new Toy Story fishing pole and didn't mind one bit. I guess there was a boat docked on the side, so he had fun in that, too. Lainey was the only one who caught a fish!

Toby had his first serving of cereal! He loved it after he got the hang of it!

We took a day trip with some friends to the Crater of Diamonds State Park. It is an actual diamond mine open to the public. You get to dig in the dirt and try to find your own diamonds. You get to keep what you find. I've heard of people putting their children through college doing it! It was fun, but HOT! We really didn't know what we were doing, we were pretty much just there for the kids to have fun. We want to go back and be a bit more serious about it. Maybe when the weather cools! There is a water park there, and of course we just had to do that, too!

Lainey decided this month that she was going to put her head under water in the pool. THANK GOODNESS. We thought the day would never come! Nate took her to his works day at a water park in Little Rock, and while there she just decided to do it! This is her showing me for the first time over at our neighbors. She's so excited!

Did I mention somewhere that it was HOT!!!!!! This picture was taken at 11:39 AM. Add the 90%+ humidity, and yeah, it was miserable. Heat indexes in the 120's!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recent Cakes

Hunting cake for a birthday.....

6oth Birthday cake (went along with the 57 Chevy below)

57 Chevy Cake....I was soooo excited and soooo scared to do this cake. I have never completely sculpted out a 3-D cake on my own! I LOVE how it turned out! They were so excited when they saw it and they said he loved it!

Wedding shower cake.....

Friday, July 16, 2010


One Sunday after church Lainey and Corbin were anxious to change and get outside to play. I told Corbin to go find a shirt and he came back carrying Lainey's Arizona Wildcat cheerleader top (My parents are HUGE UofA fans). He was adamant about wearing it, so we let him. This video was taken a bit after his original actions, but we had to get it on video to send it to gmas and gpas (one set loved it, the other not so much!). When he first got the shirt on, he pointed to "WILDCATS" and said what he said all on his own. He really had no prompting in it at all. What a good boy!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Here are some random pictures from June. I keep thinking I'll get more postings in each month, and then the next thing I know, the month is gone and I didn't do any! So here are some pictures from June...

Trampoline time....

We've just started letting Corbin have more freedom on the trampoline and he LOVES it!

My happy, content baby boy!

My very unhappy boy! We went with some friends to go pick some fruit at a fruit farm, and Corbin WAS NOT happy at all. He was whiny and fussy and cranky the whole time! Come to find out (after going to the doctor) he had an ear infection! Poor guy!

Lainey in a berry patch....

Fun in the water....

Toby's version of "fun in the water".....

I canned some diced tomatoes for the first time! (and without calling my mother in law even once....I usually call her about 25 times with questions each time I can something).

New bike! Lainey really had outgrown her old bike and has been asking for a new one. We told her she had to earn part of the money herself. We had a yard sale and she decided to wash up her old bike and sell it. She also had an "art" sale. She drew a bunch of pictures and sold them along with lemonade and punch. She earned herself a good amount of money. When she heard she had earned her share of the bike, she insisted that Nate take her that minute to go get it. She was very proud of it!

Hard-working husband.....
Nate really works hard on projects around the house and does an excellent job on them (he's really a perfectionist-probably has something to do with being an engineer). When we first moved in, there was actually a gate/fence here already. It was old and falling apart and an eye sore. Under it was just patchy grass and some bricks in a path (and lots of mud when it rained). Within the first week of living here, Nate tore the fence down. Later we laid the brick patio. It was nice to have an extension off the deck, and at the time we really didn't need a fence or gate up. Fast forward a few years and add a rambuncious two year old boy into the mix, and we needed a fence/gate. It was impossible to "keep him" in the back yard. Nate worked really hard and this and did a very nice job. He started VERY early in the morning and finished VERY late that night (or VERY VERY early the next day, depending on how you look at it). But it looks great and I can't wait to get it painted!

I made a camera cake for my neighbor.....