Friday, December 25, 2009

2 Wedding Cakes

I was asked to do a bride's a groom's cake for the 23rd. These are probably my two favorite cakes that I've done to date! I love how they both turned out. I hope they enjoyed them at the wedding!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Small town frustrations

Let me start off by saying I am extremely grateful for a husband who can fix things and figure things out around the house. Even if in this instance, I would have much rather paid someone than chance him getting hurt....anyways...

Small towns can be great, but sometimes have their downfalls. Like this.....

At the beginning of October, we had some HUGE rain storms....bigger than anything we'd seen (up until our tornadoes a few weeks later). One night about 2:30 am a huge storm was coming through. I got up and checked online to make sure there were no tornado warnings with it. When I came back into our room, it sounded as if it were raining in our room. I walked over to the window, touched the blinds to peek out, and found that the blinds were soaking wet. Flipped on the light to see water running down our blinds. I couldn't believe we had water coming in from a window. We weren't exactly sure how or where it was coming was 2:30 in the morning, so we put a bunch of towels around the window, and went to bed. Two days later, another huge storm came through during the day. So I was able to remove the blind and see what was going on....this is what I found (don't pay attention to the paint job....not our doing...haven't done a thing to our bedroom yet!)....water coming in between the window and framing of the window!

So, what do you do? Call your homeowner's insurance...right? Well, I did and they informed me that they did not have any adjusters or contractors in our area with whom they called out for jobs, so it was up to me to find a contractor, get them out to my house, determine the cause and damage done. Well, easier said than done. It took me weeks of messages (20+ with the same 5 contractors) to get the first to come out. This window is a second story window, but more like a third story with the way our foundation and yard is on that side. So he looked inside, went outside (but never up on a ladder to actually look at the top of the window), and proceeded to give me his opinion and that if we wanted to even see if any damage was done to the inside of the walls, it was going to cost at least $600 for him to remove the siding down to the window, remove our window, look inside, then cover our window hole back up with 'something' to keep the air out. Wasn't too impressed with that idea. Took a couple more weeks of messages and finally got a second contractor to come out, looked around inside, went outside (again, no ladder involved) and told me it was probably from the attic vent above our window, and if so, it was probably a 'fluke' occurrance considering the rain storms weren't normal, and there wasn't much we could do. Told me to have Nate go in the attic and look for signs of water and moisture. But he also wanted to get his extension ladder and come back and look at the top of the window (never heard from him again). His idea made more sense, until Nate examined the attic during another rain storm and found nothing.
Now, the insurance is hounding me because they want to get this closed. I finally vent my frustrations and tell them I'm doing their job and getting nowhere and in a sense, being punished for living in a small town-where if I lived in a bigger town, someone would have been out in 24 hours. I proceed to tell them they need to find an adjuster for me and send them out, because I'm sick and tired of doing it all with no results. Didn't think I'd get very far with that. But then they told me they hired out an adjuster to come look (GREAT!). So, he comes out and the first thing he does is get on my roof! And this is what he found....
Apparently, it seemed that at one point one of the two previous owners had a satellite or antannae up on the roof. WHYYYYYY, when it was removed, they DID NOT FIX IT...I have NO CLUE, but there was our culprit. Sounds really bad, to have a hole about 3 inches in your roof, but he said it was actually in the best spot possible...right above our faucits (sp?), so it wasn't really going into the wall, just down the studs into our window (the point of least resistance). Since the hole had obviously been there for at least 3 years, we would have seem mold, water stains by now if there was real damage done. So, some of you may be thinking....home inspection before purchase???? Yes, we did that. Like I said, this part of our house is like a third story, not too easy to get to. So the inspector physically got onto the lower parts of our roof, did an inspection on them, then visually (with binoculars) inspected the highest part from the ground below. This hole was right on the tip of the ridge....would have never been seen!
The estimates for the repairs didn't exceed our deductible (which is fine), so now we're left to fix it....which means try to get a contractor out again......messages and messages later (and one call back with the promise of being out Monday or Tuesday), nothing. Finally tracked down a contractor in person who did come out and look and give me an estimate. But, Nate decided he could do it on his own. (Again....not my choice at the time....would have rather kept my husband alive). But, this last weekend....

he spent the morning up on the roof removing old shingles and the hole and laying down part of a new roof! And, he's still alive! Like I said, I'm extremely grateful for a husband who knows how and can do these types of things!

School Stuff

In November, Lainey's school walked to the fire department for a visit and tour of the fire truck. Lainey was picked to come up from and demonstrate the famous "stop, drop and roll".

The week of Thanksgiving, they had a Thanksgiving Feast for the kids and parents. The kids visited with some 'pilgrims' who showed them how to grind corn and make cornbread, an 'indian' who showed them some of the tools he liked to use, they got to see a real live turkey, play in some teepees and eat lots of food.

Corbin was not too sure of the turkey. That is as close as he would get to it!