Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soccer time.

It's soccer time. Lainey has always enjoyed playing soccer in the yard at home. This year she was finally old enough to sign up to play, so we thought we'd see how she liked it. Her first practice went well. Then came the first game. I didn't get to see it all pan out, because I had to run to the pharmacy and pick up meds before they closed. Anyways......I guess her coach put her in to start the game, which she was excited about, for a brief moment. As soon as all the kids started running around her and past her she started to cry and said that the other kids 'were just too fast for her'. So that was the end of game one. At half time, her coach tried to get her to go in again, and said, 'you'll have to run Lainey' and that was all it took for her to decide to sit out. So we thought, oh this what it's going to be like all season? She did tell her coach at the end of the game that she wanted to be the goalie next time. So the next day, for game 2, Nate told her that her new shin guards were to help her run faster. She liked that idea. She got to play goalie in the first half, and did a good job and had fun. Then in the second half she decided to play on the field. She did just fine and ended up having fun. We'll have to see how game 3 goes next week after a long break. We've had so much rain lately, that all our games this week were cancelled.

Mommy's helper

I had to post this because it was too cute. A bit of background. We never had a problem at any age really with Lainey drawing on things she shouldn't have. For this reason, you'll find markers-even permanent ones, crayons, pens, pencils, etc....all within her reach at our house so she can use them freely. Well, her reach is now within Corbin's reach, and he's a different story (not that my walls are covered in drawings, but we've caught him a few times doodling where he shouldn't). So Lainey has an easel with a chalkboard and white board on it. They were in the playroom playing while I was doing something in the kitchen. I went in to check on them and saw a nice black line across my carpet. I figured if it was going to come out, right after the fact would be my only chance. So I pulled out my carpet cleaner to attack the spot. I pulled out the water tank and was filling it up. When I was done, I came back to this. Maybe it was his way of saying sorry and that he was trying to help me? Either that or he thought it was a new ride on/push toy! And...the marker came out!

BOISE vs. Tulsa

We took off for a road trip to see the Boise vs Tulsa game in Oklahoma on the 14th of October. We decided to stay a few days and do some things. Tulsa is actually a pretty nice town. There were parks everywhere (something about Denver that we miss tremendously), too bad it was a bit too cold and drizzly to play while we were there. The trip was worth it (Boise pulled it off 28-21, although they should have won by more) and we actually made it through the entire football game (I'm not sure how, but Corbin slept for over half of it). Note to anyone who may work for University of Tulsa---seriously....could you not have given the visitors section a bit more leg room?
Before the game, we headed over to the MALLLLLL (I get excited when we get to go to an actual mall) to burn some energy, and oh, to shop a bit. The kids loved their play area (once again, made me miss the Colorado Mills kids play area)....
The fire truck had this tunnel in it, and Corbin LOVED it. He would go through and right back around and do it again. He had to have repeated it over and over for 10 or more minutes.
Family pic at the game.
Lainey had fun, except I'm not sure whose kid she was. For some reason, she kept cheering for Tulsa (and knew she was....I think she knew it would be 'funny').
One of the times Corbin was actually awake during the game. There was a lot for him to sit and watch. Kept him content.
We visited the Oklahoma Aquarium one day. It made me miss (for a brief moment) my kindergarteners and our ocean unit and trip to the Denver Aquarium. They both had a lot of fun looking at all the sea animals. Lainey was excited because she got to feed the turtles.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I think I emailed everyone that I could think of that may want one, but in case I missed someone, or those of you out there that I don't know about....
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