Saturday, September 26, 2009


Thanks for all the emails, comments and facebook posts about the baby news. We're excited and need to get on the ball getting ready! I've had lots of questions, so I'll answer them all here.

I'm due March 17, 2010...which means I'll deliver most likely right around the beginning of February (Lainey was due March 13, born Feb. she may have to share her birthday). I'm 15 1/2 weeks, which means I have about 19 more to go (should I follow my patterns). I'm feeling great (which is a HUUGGGEEEE blessing considering my last pregnancy), and didn't even realize I was pregnant at first. Some other concerns are what led to finding out. We thought at first I may be miscarrying or something else was wrong, so we've had 2 ultrasounds already. Found out I had a hemmorage (which we think has cleared up) and some cysts (which may have to be removed...we'll see at the next ultrasound). After those things seemed to put themselves at bay, we're doing good. Just tired a lot. I'm 99% sure I'll have another c-section...but the doctor says I'm keeping him on his toes because he really can't schedule a c-section for 5-6 weeks early! But c-section is the plan right now. Lainey thinks we need a girl, because we already have a boy (I guess she doesn't count into the mix). Nate was driving by the hospital one day and he pointed out that is where we'll have this baby, too (I guess our thoughts that possibly each kid would be born in a different place is out of the question!). He asked her what she wanted and she told him a girl. Nate pointed out that it's possible it may be another boy, and would she be happy. She said yes, but that she was going to pray right now to Heavenly Father for a baby sister and told Nate not to listen. I guess she said a prayer right then in the car for a sister....too cute! Today is the Camden Barn Sale, and my goal 20+ weeks ago was to run the 5K at it, well, around the 6 mark week of training is when I found out I was pregnant and had some problems. So to protect the baby and not do anything further to loose it, the running stopped since we didn't know what was wrong for about 5 weeks. That means I will not be running the 5K today, which is kind of disappointing. I'll just have to find another one somewhere that takes place around July or August next year! I guess that's all the details/updates for now. We'll keep ya posted! And yes, that picture at the top is what I actually look like already!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Destin 2009

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We took an anniversary/family trip to Destin, Florida at the beginning of the month. It is absolutely beautiful! I decided that we are beach people and that we need to live on the beach. Our only problem is we'd have to put a tent on the lot we'd buy! We had so much fun and I'm ready to go back or move there tomorrow! We found fun things to do each day....a science museum, Destin Commons, Fuddpuckers, Gulfarium, The Race Track, and more....ate good food (too bad I hate seafood), shopping, swimming each night at the hotel, and spent LOTS of time on the beach! We tried out a new beach each day! The water was crystal clear, you could go out a hundred yards and be knee deep, and the sand was sugar white and so soft! The kids LOVEDDDDD the beach. It was fun to sit back and just watch them play and have fun! I highly recommend to anyone who can to try out Destin!

Make sure you go through the entire slide show, or you'll miss out on something!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our new toy

I've told Nate ever since we first got married that I wanted one of these. I've been looking lately, and found one someone was selling that was actually in really good shape and at a reasonable price! YEAH! Lainey loves it and can't wait to start taking lessons.

First Day

We enrolled Lainey in a private preschool at a local church this year. She has sooooo been looking forward to it! She could not wait for her first day of school (the day after Labor Day).

So I walked Lainey into her class, to help her get all settled. She could have cared less! When I left, she didn't even hear me or look my way. She was already ready to start school. When I picked her up, she was really excited and happy and said she had fun. As we were getting in the car, she get really upset. She was like, "Mommy, but Mrs. N$#*@^* didn't give me any homework. I don't have any homework to do." I told her that was okay, but she was ADAMANT and VERY DISAPPOINTED about the fact that she was suppossed to have (in her mind) gotten homework and wanted it and didn't have any. She reminded me in a very worried and sad voice about 5 times in our short drive home. Then later, we were talking about school again later and she looks at me and says, "Mommy, I don't want to go to recess tomorrow." I said, "you don't? why not (thinking something had happened you know)?" And she gets this annoyed tone in her voice and says, "Weelllll (huuu), it just takes tooooo long and you get all hot and sweaty and stuff!" Go figure! I knew she liked learning, but enough to give us recess (it's only like 10 minutes!).

Zoo Trip

At the end of August we ventured up to the Little Rock Zoo for the first time. School had already started, so for the most part, we felt like we had the zoo to ourselves. I wasn't sure if we'd make it through the entire zoo being August-hot-humid and all, but we did it and the kids had a blast!

Feed the fish.

Enjoying the train ride just moments before this.....

I guess he was a bit tired!

Lainey and the tortoise!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

#31 and #8

On the first of August, I celebrated my 31st birthday. I used to remember looking at different people who were 31 when I was like 18, 19, 20 years old and thinking to myself how old that was! I still can't believe I'm in my 30's. I feel like I just graduated from high school a few years ago! Anyways, it was Nate's weekend on at work so we celebrated a few days early by going down to Shreveport and going shopping. Lainey wanted to buy me a new dress and Nate got me a new cell phone. We went to the Boardwalk and walked around, rode the trolley and the merry-go-round and ate some yummy food at Joe's Crab Shack.

Lainey was so cute. She spent the day making "games" for us to play that night. They didn't have any names, really, but they all had something to do with us drawing things on the paper with a marker either in the dark or with our eyes closed. She was pretty proud of herself!

Corbin enjoying some birthday cake!

On the 4th of August, we celebrated our 8th anniversary. We didn't do a whole lot on our actual anniversary, just went down to El Dorado for dinner and I got to pick out new pots and pans and Nate got an ipod touch. Our real anniversary celebration was our trip to Destin, Florida at the end of the month (PARADISE!). I'll get around to posting those pictures later! You won't want to miss that post! We were married in Salt Lake City, and when I first called (in April) to schedule our time at the temple they only had late times left (like 3 or 3:30, something like that, the last time of the day and we would have been wedding number 80 that day! Didn't sound too fun), so we took it and were on a waiting list for an earlier spot if one opened. They called a few weeks later and said they had a cancellation for 7:00 am. I thought I must have been crazy, but we took it. We had to be there by 5:45 AM and our guests by 6:30 AM (I thought no one would come, but we had a full house!)! Looking back, it was perfect. We were the 2nd couple through that day and had all the time in the world for pictures after without having to fight with other wedding parties for spots. Also, we didn't have to stand out in the sweltering August sun in the late afternoon! So while I was running on 2 hours of sleep, all was well! What a perfect day! For now, here's some pictures from our wedding day!