Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything, so here are some pictures and brief explanations of what we've been up to in June and July.

One of the last days that Nate's parents were here, his mom helped me make and can some pickles and homemade salsa. YUMMY!

Lainey has been wanting to go fishing and get her own fishing pole for quite some time. So for Father's Day, we got Nate a new pole, some fishing stuff, a fishing license, and Lainey her own pole. She was so excited when Nate took her to the lake! She's quite the fishergirl! She caught a fish on her first cast!

Lainey's FIRST fish!

June 26-11:03 AM...This is what my outside thermometor read! CRAZY! I would really take an Arizona or Utah summer day over an Arkansas one any day!

Lately I've been into "really" couponing. I've cut coupons and used them for years, but never really "got" how to make the most bang for your buck. A while back I started following
and there I finally figured out how to do it. My only problem is that we don't have the big chains like Albertson's and Smith's that do these outrageous deals! So my times are limited to when I can really do some major savings with them. This trip in June was close to $170 before any discounts, after store savings, coupons, and double and triple coupons, I paid just under $50!

Don't have the before total, but I paid $3!

Lainey and Corbin on the 4th of July waiting for fireworks.

Lainey's 2nd fishing trip.

Lainey has wanted rollerskates for about 2 years now. I've been going to yard sales looking for some furniture pieces that I can redo. At one yard sale, Lainey found her coveted rollerskates....couldn't say no to 50 cents!

She was so excited to use them!

Corbin watching Lainey rollerskate.

Our MOPS group had a swim party in June. let me preface by saying that up until this day, and even when we first got in, Lainey has been DEATHLY afraid of swimming by herself. She would have the grip of death around Nate and I's necks whenever we went swimming. When we got there, she had on her floatie swimsuit, ring, and arm floaties. Somehow, I convinced her to try swimming around on her own. Soon the arm floaties came off.....

....then we were down to just the floatie swimsuit, and before we left, she was down to just her regular swimsuit and wanted to do that all by herself! AMAZING! I was really proud of her! She's been like that ever since. Our neighbors have a pool and let us use it whenever we want, so she has been very excited to go swimming over there this summer and we've used it A LOT more this year than in years past!

Corbin just relaxing after swimming....I'm going to have to watch this little daredevil in the pool!

Our neighbors own a respiratory medical company, and she is their sales rep. She likes to take the DR's things on their birthdays, and she decided she wanted to start taking them cakes decorated with things they like.

This same neighbor also owns race horses. For her husbands 60th birthday, she wanted me to make a cake that looked like the silks their jockey wears.

I think that about covers June and July (for the most part anyways). I'll get some August pictures up here sometime.......