Monday, June 29, 2009

Gma and Gpa....Day #4

On Monday, we ventured off to Historic Washington to see what was out there. It's an old town that is still as it was in the 1800's. There wasn't much going on the day we went (park info was a bit deceiving), but we still had fun (in the HUMIDITY). We ate lunch at the tavern and walked around. We got to tour a few of the buildings and hunted for a geo while we were there.

The three pictures above are of one of the largest Magnolia tree in Arkansas...on the sign can you see when it was planted? Crazy, hu!?

Grandma, Corbin, and Kati under the Magnolia tree.

Here's Lainey in the Blacksmith shop. No...she did not just run through the sprinklers, that is how HUMID it was that day!

Grandpa and Corbin

On our way home, Nate took us to a conservation area to look for another geo. Here he is with Corbin searching for it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gma and Gpa...Day #2

On our second day, we took Nate's parents up to Hot Springs. It's a resort town with and has spas/bath houses that are still up and running, but back in the days, people used to come to Hot Springs to soak in the natural springs for it's healing elements....anyways....we went and spent the day there. There's an alligator farm/petting zoo that we had not been to yet. So we tried it out. On one side there are some animals that you can feed and pet, and on the other side are the alligators. We chose to go on a day when they actually feed them and you can watch. Don't think I'd want that as a job!

After the alligator farm and some yummy mexican food for lunch, we took them to the Hot Springs tower. You can go up to the top and look out of two observation decks onto the national park. It was really pretty!
Lainey thought it was pretty neat that she could see the van from way up top!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa V

Nate's parents came down to visit us for a week. First off, THANK YOU Grandpa and Grandma for a great visit! We wish we could see you more often! Second, sorry about the humidity! At first, they had talked about coming down in August, and Nate advised them not to because the humidity at that time of the year is REALLY they came earlier, and had to deal with the horrible humidity anyways (the bad stuff came EARLY this year...can't wait to see what August is like). So we had temps around 94* all week with 90% humidity which = HOT AND DRENCHING. Anyways, we still had fun. There were some new things we wanted to go see, and unfortunately, pretty much all outside, but we braved it and did it. Just look "beyond" all that heat and humidity in the pics! On our first day out, we went over to Warren for the Pink Tomato Festival.

Here's grandma and the kids digging for treasure. At the festival, they had a huge mound of sand that they hid "treasure" in and the kids got to dig and find things.

For his birthday, the kids and I got Nate a handheld GPS so he could do some geocaching. Basically, "treasure hunting". He thought it would be fun for him and Lainey (and Corbin when he's older) to do around here. Lainey is all excited about it and they've gone out a few times to find things. So, on our way home from Warren, Nate wanted to go find this one geo...but it was neat because right there in that area it was hidden, was some Mormon history.

Here's the first "treasure" that we've actually found (we've been out a few times, but had yet to be able to actually find the hidden object). And I was the one to actually find our first (hence, Lainey's not so happy face.....she wanted to be the one to find it). The pink hair...that's from the festival, not a normal everyday thing!

More of our other adventures from the week to come......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5K...motivation, accountability

I used to be a pretty good runner back in the good days. When I was younger, and lived in Casa Grande, AZ, I ran in quite a few track meets and have quite a few "gold" medals and records set (that I'm sure have been broken) from those days. I used to really like to run...just not to practice it (hence, didn't want to do track in HS....went to a couple practices, but then gave up). So I've mentioned to Nate a few times that to get my butt in gear and in shape, that I should set a goal to run a 5K here in Camden. I was talking with my neighbor tonight and told her we should start walking/running early in the morning before Nate leaves for work. She said she wanted to, and that she was wanting to do a 5K! So we got talking about it for a bit. So I got home and starting thinking about it, and really just need to do it and quit procrastinating. So I found a beginning running/jogging schedule. It lasts 8 weeks. Then another 8 week schedule to train for a 5K. So, we're having a 5K September 26th in conjunction with our annual Barn Sale here, so I'm posting this to have some motivation and people checking in on me to see how it's going. It will give me some accountability. So my goal is to run that 5K! There, it's out if I don't do it, I'll have to come back and tell you all I failed! I better have some of you bugging me about it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

3 Printers....All Broken!

Seriously, we have 3 printers, and not one of them works (maybe not broken, but not functioning)...

Printer A: Bought when we first got married, still works GREAT, used for 95% of our printing still. Ran out of ink....refuse to pay $70 for new ink cartridges. Would just refill the old cartridges again, but they were no longer refillable.

Printer B: Came with our first digital camera. Used mostly for photo printing, would occassionally do word documents on it. Nate bought 2 brand spanking new cartridges right after Corbin was born so he could print some photos to take to work. Printer WON'T work! Seriously...2 brand new cartridges inside printer, and printer will not work. Won't read that there's paper in the tray...done EVERYTHING the company has said to do.

Printer C: Printer, copier, scanner, fax machine. Bought when Nate was in grad school and I was looking for teaching jobs out of state. I had a lot of faxing to do, and it was much cheaper to buy our own rather than pay Kinko's. Anyways, used mostly to fax. Would copy things here and there on it. Would have liked to scan photos, but it's not a flat bed kind...I would have to send the pictures through the machine and I wasn't willing to scratch up any. Anyways, it works, but out of ink. Again, refuse to pay around $60 for new ink.

So, what do I do?

Finally break down and buy a new printer! But I'm so excited! It's the new Kodak printer that only costs you like $25 for both ink cartridges, and the printer alone was only like $20 more than buying new ink for the old printers...will definitely be worth the purchase! But, I'm so excited because now I can go back and do this....

Scan in all my old photos before we had digital! Here's a few I tested from our wedding. Sorry about the upside down one. I'm still figuring it out! But I swear it said I could scan multiple pics at a time and I could save them as seperate I've obviously got a lot to figure out still! So Christina and Jaime....paybacks are in the works....I have a lot of old photos myself!