Thursday, May 7, 2009

33 Things

Nate just celebrated his 33rd birthday. Here are 33 random things about him.

1. He is the 5th child born on 5-5!
2. There are 6 kids in his family: 3 boys, 3 girls.
3. He played football and wrestled in high school.
4. He worked in Alaska for a few summers during college.
5. He DROVE to Alaska.
6. He likes to snowboard (took I don't know how many semesters of it in college).
7. He makes really yummy homemade rolls.
8. He has 25 nieces and nephews with 2 on the way.
9. He has a Master's Degree in Engineering and Technology Management.
10. He never complains when the dishes aren't done when he gets home from work.
11. He LOVES Boise State Football (when we first moved to Denver, we didn't have cable yet, and Boise was on ESPN, so we rented a hotel room to stay in for the night so he could watch the game!).
12. Likes to watch college sports over professional sports.
13. Speaks Spanish (went on a Spanish speaking mission and took 4 semesters in grad school).
14. Likes to go camping.
15. Makes really good enchiladas.
16. Has a complete daddy's girl in Lainey.
17. Can figure out how to fix, do, make a lot of things....if he doesn't know how to, he'll figure it out.
18. When we first got married (he's eased off it now) he used to sort our grocery's in the cart (engineering mind I guess).
19. Irons his own clothes for work.
20. Is VERY easy going and mellow!
21. Is always ready to go out and play with Lainey right when he gets home from work.
22. Never complains when the laundry still isn't all done Sunday night and he has to work Monday morning!
23. I HATE cleaning toilets and he does it.
24. Doesn't care for video games (he was playing a football game with a friend one time, had no clue what he was doing, and his friend was mad because Nate kept beating him).
25. Likes rock music and 80's music.
26. Likes to eat corn bread.
27. He is such a good dad and doesn't hesitate to dance around the house with Lainey or play princess or dress up or barbies with her.
28. Loves to take random road trips. When we were first married and before we had kids, he would tell me to get in the car and we'd drive off and find something new. I always hated not knowing where we were going, but we always found interesting and fun places. Harder to do now with kids.
29. He puts up with me....need I say more.
30. Is not a morning person, and likes to stay up late....not the best for someone who has to be to work at either 5 or 6 am then work 10-12 hours! But he's getting better (sometimes).
31. Likes to watch old western movies.
32. Can make up crazy lyrics to songs at the spur of the moment.
33. Is just an all around wonderful guy-we're lucky to have him for a husband and dad!

We took Nate to a seafood restraunt in El Dorado that we never knew existed. I HATE seafood, so I never fix it for him (and he doesn't complain), so I figured tonight I could deal with it.
Lainey and Corbin at the restraunt. I'll have to post some more pictures of Corbin. He is a TOTAL cheeser...he KNOWS when the camera is on him and will pull the silliest faces. The minute the camera disappears, he's back to's really funny!
Getting ready for cake and ice cream. Notice the strips of old scrapbook paper hanging on the walls? That was Lainey's idea. She thought we needed to decorate more so she cut them into strips and hung them up!

We took a cherry cheesecake out to Nate at work. On our way home, Lainey said that he HAD to have a birthday sign hanging up when he got home. So we pulled out the paper and made one. She said it had to say: "Welcome Home! Happy Birthday!" She worked on it for over an hour!

The finished sign hanging on the back door. She wrote "Happy Birthday" all by herself..."Happy" is hard to see because the marker was drying up. She was VERY proud of the sign.

More Cakes

I've made quite a few cakes the last few are a few I've done for some people.

This cake was for my neighbor's sons birthday. It was really last minute, so not too exciting (if I'd had more time, I had some fun ideas in mind). There's a horse race track (Oaklawn) in Hot Springs (about 1 1/2 hours away). I guess when you're 18 you can bet on your own there. So they were taking him there for his birthday, and I thought we'd do something to go along with that.

While decorating the horse cake, Lainey was persistant in wanting to do her own cake. So after I was done, she got to bake her own cake and decorate. Here's what she came up with!

I did a cake for a 90th birthday. I took Lainey with me when I delivered it and set up. To keep her occuppied, I let her take pictures. Here's some she took of the flowers...not bad!

Here's the cake......

Nothing too fancy with this one. A friend wanted me to do this cake for her sons birthday.