Thursday, April 16, 2009

He's ONE!

THE BIRTHDAY BOY! He was soooo excited to have his car seat turned around! He just sits there (still) and his eyes fixated on things outside...he's mesmerized by it all!

I can't believe Corbin is ONE! His birthday was this past week. Here's what happened just a year ago....(skip down to the pics at the bottom if you don't want to read!).

Let me preface by saying that this pregnancy was soooooo completely different from my 1st! If it had been my 1st pregnancy, I don't think we'd have another child! It is a WHOLE nother story about what took place the first 34 weeks....pain, headaches, extreme nausea, multipllllle UTI's, gestational diabetes.....but we won't go there.

Sunday April 13, 2008-It was Nate's weekend on at work (12 hour shifts 5AM to 5:30PM, he wouldn't be home until 6PM or later....I had a WHOLE day ahead of me with a toddler). I was yet again so uncomfortable, miserable, in pain, feeling awful, etc....that I was NOT about to take Lainey to church by myself. So I drug myself out of bed, went and rented a few new movies to keep Lainey entertained. Spent yet another day miserable on the couch. Was reminded once again by my branch president's wife that I needed to get my bag packed NOW (considering Lainey was born at 35 weeks)...just could not muster up the energy...tomorrow I told myself.

Monday April 14, 2008 (34 1/2 weeks pregnant)-Lainey had a DR. appointment. I was MISERABLE! When we got into the exam room, I asked the nurse if she thought the DR could also just check me out. She said she wasn't sure, she'd have to check. Came back in a minute later, said she had a cancellation, hop up on the table and he'd check me first. DR came in, examined me, said the baby was down but I was not dialated but cervix had softened....wouldn't happen this week, but probably next week. Told me if I was still in that much pain, to take the pain meds as needed that I had. Went home, exhausted (thank goodness Nate's days off were Mon and Tues) and just thinking I couldn't go through this until May 1 (my due date was May 23, but with gestational diabetes, Lainey being a premie but weighing close to 7 pounds, my DR was going to induce me early). Thought about packing bags, but the thought of it wore me out. Went to pain.

Tuesday April 15, 2008-Woke up with Lainey, went downstairs trying to muster up the energy to deal with her and 3 other kids (my friends) that I was babysitting all day. Turned on cartoons for Lainey and went to the kitchen to get her her morning drink. I remember standing at the counter getting her cup and saying to myself that I could not go through this for a few more weeks. I was in pain and miserable. I remember saying...I AM GETTING AN EPIDURAL THE MINUTE I WALK IN THE HOSPITAL. 8 AM.....I hear a "pop" and now know what it must feel like to be a coach who has multiple water buckets dumped on you. Yep, that's exactly what happened! I couldn't move because I was literally standing in a pool and didn't want it to get anywhere else. I was shocked! I somewhat calmly said, "Lainey, please go wake up daddy." "No mommy, not right now, I'm watching my cartoon." Once again, "Lainey, please go get daddy. It's the baby sweetie, the baby is coming. I need you to go wake up daddy." "Not Now Mommy!" So, I just started screaming Nate's name. He comes barreling down the stairs it the baby???? He sees me standing in the pool in the middle of the kitchen and is as shocked as I am. He asks if he has time to shower, and I tell him yes (why wouldn't he....Lainey was born 18 hours after my water broke with her). I get on the phone and call my friend who is already on her way over. She says she'll come get Lainey. I grad a blanket to mop up the mess and waddle up stairs to pack a bag. By now, I'm in PAINNNNNNN. I call my DR's office (the receptionist must have sensed my urgency--I didn't tell her I was in labor...just that I needed to talk to a nurse--because you usually have to leave a message, but she put me right through), spoke to the nurse and told her my water had just broken and we were on our way to the hospital shortly. My friend gets to our house about 8:15/8:20. I'm on the couch having major contractions. She's trying to frantically give me some quick lamaze lessons. We finish getting a bag ready and head to the hospital. We get to the hospital (8:45), they wheel me down to labor and delivery. The first nurse I see, I said, "I want an epidural NOW". She tells me she can't yet, they have to call my doctor, exam me, etc....They ask me how far along I am and when I tell them 34 1/2 weeks, I can tell they almost don't believe me. I'm already nervous about it, too. My DR had told me that if I went into labor earlier than 35 weeks I would most likely be sent to Little Rock or Texarkana. Anyways, they get me in a room and up on the bed. It's 9 AM. I'm SCREAMING by now from the pain. The first nurse checks me, tells me I'm a 7 and that there's no way I can have an epidural. Doesn't say much else. I can tell by her face that something wasn't right. She calls another nurse to come in and just says "check her please". I'm asking for the epidural AGAIN and they tell me that I'm too far along that they can't give me narcotics and that it would take too long at this point to even get the epidural. By the way, I'm screaming between all this. Nate looks at them and says, "can't you give her SOMETHING". They say, "we're still trying to get a hold of her DR, we can't give her anything until we talk to him." In the meantime, the 2nd nurse had checked me. The 1st nurse and the 2nd nurse look at each other and at the same time they both kind of say...."that was a butt, wasn't it....? Yeah, it's a butt." By this time, I'm SCREAMING..."I NEED TO PUSH". They are telling me to hold off. They decide to try to start an IV so the minute the DR okays it, they can give me something for pain. They check me again (9:20 AM) and I'm a 9 1/2. They are telling me they need to do an ultrasound to check the baby. They do the ultrasound and confirm the baby is breech. The doctor comes in, I'm still screaming, and he tells me on my next contraction to push. So I push 2 times with the first contraction. Next contraction, I push once. I'm screaming because I still have no pain meds and I'm telling them I can't do this without something for the pain. Right after that last push, all I remember is that my doctor starts giving a million instructions to people. I remember him saying we needed to get to the Operating Room, and not to move me off the bed, there's no time (the nursese were like...You want us to push her to OR on the delivery bed? and he's like YES and they are saying, Okay...It's going to be hard, but okay.....) I hear them start telling Nate to sign all these forms. Then the next thing I remember is someone telling Nate, "we'll show you where you can wait for her". This freaked me out and I said..."Oh no, isn't he coming with me?" and they say, "not for an emergency c-section"...then I started getting freaked out. Next thing I know, I'm in the OR and see all these people and they're poking me and I can hear the doctor ask if the drugs are in yet, I remember seeing the oxygen mask come to my face, and the next thing I know it's about 2 1/2 hours later and I'm just waking up! And he was born at 9:35 AM. The first thing I asked when I woke up was, "Is the baby (didn't know it was a "he" yet) still here?" It took the nurses a few times to figure out what I meant (I was worried that they had life flighted him to Little Rock or something, since our hospital doesn't have a NICU), but they finally "got it" and told me he was here in the hospital with me. We had some scares/concerns the first few day/weeks, but everything worked out and he's just fine!

Whew...once again, had this been my first pregnancy, I doubt there'd ever be another one! But it's over with and I wouldn't change anything (other than probably having that bag packed at 33 weeks like I had planned). Corbin is such a blessing and happy part of our family. He is so mellow and easy going (just like his father) and just plain happy. He makes the cutest faces, has the biggest smile, is very sensitive and gets his feelings hurt easily, and is so cute when he wants to cuddle (FINALLY). I'm so glad he's with us!

Here are some pictures from his birthday. We must not have much luck for 1st birthdays. Corbin was sick on his birthday, too. (Lainey was miserable with double ear infections for hers and cried the entire night) He didn't do too bad, though.

The cake

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tuesday before Easter we spent the night dying Easter eggs.

Nate is the best husband and father. I had to work Saturday day (our neighbors own a restraunt and I work 2 days a week for them) and Nate took Corbin and Lainey to 2 different Easter activities that day (I knew they were going to 1, but when I got home, he had decided to take them to another one). He is great about taking them to do things! It's something I really appreciate. Anyways, here's Lainey in the car all set to go have some Easter fun!

Lainey showing some loot at one of the Easter events.

Well, it's the best I got of both of them!

Corbin's happy with what the Easter bunny brought him.

FINALLY...she got Thumbelina!

Finally....we're done!

Here are some pictures of our finished kitchen and dining room.....okay, 98% finished. I need to find some window coverings and install those and put wainscotting on the island and paint it. Then it will be 100% done.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What we've been up to.....

We've been busy around here the last few weeks.......

This is what our kitchen looked like when we moved in.

Our dining room when we moved in.

What the layerSSSSSS (yes, plural) of wallpaper look like coming down. I will NEVER put up wallpaper in my house!

The popcorn ceilings.

The new looks for cabinets...oh just kidding. Here's what the kitchen looked like as we were covering the cabinets to keep the dust and junk out of them while Nate scrapped OFF the popcorn ceiling.

The new ceiling.

The new walls.

Pictures of the "after" will come soon. Just have to finish touching up, and cleaning up!

Gotta Love the Orange Cars

I just had to post this picture of Corbin and Lainey. Corbin is so happy in it! He's in the cart clapping while we waited for some paint to be mixed at Home Depot. Love the cars...don't think we'd make it through Home Depot without them!