Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daffodi Festival

March 6th and 7th was the annual Daffodil Festival here in Camden. Downtown we have arts and crafts vendors and food vendors who come into town. They do some Civil War re-enactments during the festival. There is a cemetary walk and they have people dressed up as people who are buried there and they tell stories of them. Then they have the daffodil tours. I believe there are 5 "farms" that are on tour. Until this year, we have never gone out to see the daffodils (just spent our time downtown shopping). However, this year we ran into a lady Nate works with and she said we just HAD to go out to Grace Hill Estate and see all the daffodils and eat lunch out there. So we decided to go see it. It was AMAZING! Fields of daffodils. Lainey had a lot of fun! After we spent some time there, we headed over to the Daniel's Farm (which is just down the road from our house) and toured their garden. It really was a great afternoon. I felt bad when we got home and realized how sun burned we were! I felt bad for Lainey and Corbin (especially Corbin) who were not dressed for 80 degree weather (it was not predicted to be that nice). {{{FYI...last year for the Daffodil Festival, Nate was supposed to be home from a business trip but was stranded in Memphis due to SNOW! Yes, last year we spent the weekend in mid 20 temps with PILES of snow! What a difference!}}} On Saturday, Nate took Lainey back downtown and did the cemetary walk with her. He said it was really neat. So maybe next year we'll have to do the complete package, instead of just a few of the destination.

I guess all her pictures can't be "cute"!

Lainey at Grace Hill Estate

Corbin FINALLY conked out at 1PM while driving out to Grace Hill Estate. I thought it was too precious how he fell asleep with his book wide open in his hands!

The best picture I could manage to get of both of them at the same time!

This is the back of Grace Hill (Don't know why I also didn't get a front picture, but didn't)