Thursday, February 19, 2009

Second Set

I love this digital scrapbooking! Even though I'm still not quite sure what I'm doing, and there's things I wish I could do, but not sure if it can be done! (HINT: Mary Lee...we've got to talk!). I also love that there are a TOOONNNNN of free kits out there to use! It's great! Anyways, here's the second set of pages I've done!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My first pages

So, I've decided to give digital scrapbooking a try. I'm hoping it will save me money (I can reuse things once I've bought them, and I don't have to spend money on developing pictures), save me time (after I figure out exactly what I'm doing), it will be easier to do (I hate getting all my stuff out only to be able to do a couple pages before having to put it all back again), and it will help me get caught up. So my friend Mary Lee has jumped on board and been helping me out. I still need A LOT of help though! I've been playing around with it on my own and finally did a couple of pages that I thought turned out semi decent. Yes, these are pictures of Lainey when she was like 4 months old...that is how far behind I am! are my first pages.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tinkerbell Fun!

Lainey had a lot of fun on her birthday. On her actual birthday, we took her out for lunch and let her pick where. She wanted pizza, which was funny because her past record of pizza eating hasn't been overly great. But we went and she ate it like a champ. That night we had brownies (her cake was for her party the next day) and opened gifts from us and family. She got spoiled, as usual. Then Saturday we had her party, and she could not wait! She kept asking me when were her friends coming. Finally the time came! Instead of giving out party bags, I made each girl a fairy skirt, got them fairy wings (thanks to the $ store), got Tinkerbell crowns, and my friend thought they each needed a wand (thank you Amy). We played Tinkerbell bingo, pin the star on Tinkerbell's wand, colored Tinkerbell pictures, ate lunch, had cake and ice cream, opened presents, played with balloons and colored with chalk. Lainey had a blast!

Lainey eating her birthday lunch.

Lainey and her birthday brownie.

Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled....she got a princess clock, tinkerbell picture, books, tinkerbell toys, outdoor toys, princess stuff, coloring stuff, clothes, fairy tent and sleeping back, learning stuff, a new computer game and more.

Lainey is anxiously waiting for her friends to come for her party. (MH...she looked adorable in the outfit you sent her last was the perfect time to pull it out!)

Her Tinkerbell cake.

Candle blowing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy 4th Lainey!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAINEY! She is FOUR years old today! Hard to believe! Time flies by fast! Here's a recap of the events that happened at this time 4 years ago! (If you don't feel like reading it, skip ahead to the pics)

Friday February 4th (in looking's ironical). My teammate had a substitute that day (Pat) who had taught kindergarten where I was at and had retired. She was going to be my sub while on maternity leave. Lainey was due March 23rd. I was hoping to have her around March 17th, which would have been spring break week. I only had enough time for 5 weeks paid, but if Spring Break happened to fall at the beginning of my time, I'd have 6 weeks! Anyways, I was kidding with Pat and asking her if she was ready to go. She told me no way.....she was going to enjoy her time until March.

Saturday February 5th. Nate headed up to school to work on some things that morning and study. That afternoon, we were going to go get a changing table and start to rearrange our 1 bedroom apartment to accomodate a baby. (I was also going to start my sub plans that weekend for my maternity leave.) I spent the day on a vigorous cleaning of the place. I felt great. Nate got home and we were about ready to head out the door when I needed to use the bathroom. Did my thing, and started to head out of the bathroom when I suddenly felt like I had peed my pants. Which I thought was wierd (but not unusual being this far along and BIG). Didn't say anything to Nate. Got some dry things, used the bathroom again, started to head out of the bathroom when it happened again! I got down on the floor to look at it, because it didn't look like was clear. I remember sitting in the bathroom and just thinking...what do I do? After a few minutes, I went out and told Nate that I thought my water had broke. He was like, WHAT? But I told him I wasn't sure (how could I be, I had no idea how all this was suppossed to happen and feel like). So we decided to call the hospital to see what they said (by the way, I was bawling the entire time) and they told me I needed to call my doctor's office. So I called and talked to the on call nurse. After going over things with her she said I needed to head to the hospital to get it checked out (And yes, I'm 5 weeks away from my due date). So we freaked out and started packing suitcases (yes....more than one) like crazy! I had no idea what to take and those baby books mention a TON of things. By now it's about 2:00. We head to the hospital (which, by the way is in downtown Denver and we had only been there once). We get up to the Labor and Delivery ward and the DR comes in to test to see if it is amniotic fluid. He comes back and says the test was negative, but he didn't believe it. They had hooked me up to a monitor and said I was having contractions (couldn't feel a thing though...I had no idea). They also did an ultrasound to see how things were looking. He said he wanted me to stay lying down for a while so it could "pool up" and he'd get a better test sample. So somewhere around 6:00 I think he came back to test me again. He said that tonight I'd either be here with a baby or go home with the deed to his house because he felt for sure I was in labor. He ran the test and came back and said it was positive. So they got me to my room and Nate went down to unload our 2 big suitcases from the car (the nurse thought we were crazy when she saw him come in). They started me on pitocin since my contractions weren't getting stronger. Around 6:30 we started making phone calls. I had to laugh when I called Pat and asked her if she was ready to go in Monday morning for me (considering the conversation we had had on Friday as a joke)! She was ready to go and was such a life saver! I was no where ready for a sub to come in for 5 weeks! She picked right up without my lesson plans and just took things over! The DR's were concerned since I was delivering 5 weeks early. So they were prepared. I was lucky enough to have a nurse and a doctor that night who were both LDS. Around midnight I finally asked for the epidural. I tried to get some sleep here and there, but didn't get too much.
Sunday February 6th. Somewhere around 4AM they told me I should be ready soon to push and should have a baby shortly. It wasn't until 5AM that I was actually ready and allowed to start pushing. At 8 AM after 3 hours of hard pushing, I was told that if the baby didn't come out with this next push, I would need to have a c-section (which, at the mention of, I started to bawl). The doctor said he would need to use something else to assist in the delivery, so we opted for the forcepts. Also, unbeknown to me (I didn't realize how completely unaware I was of what was going on around me), Nate told me later that our room was pretty full of Dr's and nurses, somewhere around 20 or so. This was because the baby was so early and they had no idea what to expect health wise when the baby came. So, on my next push, with the forcepts, Lainey was born at 8:18 am weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 3/4 inches (good thing she was early). We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, and that was exciting! I got to see her briefly but then she was whisked away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She was put under an oxygen hood for that first day. I didn't get to see her until later that afternoon, but she had to stay in the NICU...she couldn't come to my room. Anyways, she gave us some good scares that first week. I was discharged and she had to stay (talk about the hardest thing leave your new and 1st baby in the hospital while you go home) in the NICU for a bit longer to see if some things would improve. She had some heart issues, some blood sugar issues, eating issues, jaundice that she needed to be watched with. She was finally released Saturday (12th) evening and had to have the bili lights at home. After quite a few DR's appointments those first few weeks, all her health issues resolved themselves. Today you would never know she was a preemie. This is something I am truly grateful for. It was very hard to see some of the other preemies in the NICU and the struggles they had been through. We were very blessed that Lainey's health issues were not extreme! Anyways...onto some pictures from the last 4 birthdays! And oh....I lucked out and got my 6 weeks. My Spring Break fell at exactly the end of my maternity leave rather than the beginning of it! So I still had my 6 weeks off! (But then I did have to go back and work longer before the year ended...oh well!).
Me in my delivery room.....Denver, Colorado.

Lainey in her crib in the NICU. The only reason she was allowed to have all those things in her crib was because she had nurses right there 24 hours a day. That afghan on the corner was given to her by the hospital. They had a group of grandmas who knitted them for babies in the NICU!

Lainey's 1st birthday...2006....Lakewood, Colorado

Lainey's first birthday cake. Her first birthday was not as joyful as expected. We had planned a party with some close friends. My mom flew in, too, for it. But she was miserably sick with double ear infections. That afternoon, she still wasn't 'happy' so we ended up calling off her first birthday party! She wanted nothing to do with her cake and just cried the whole time!

2nd birthday...2007.....Camden, Arkansas

2nd birthday.

3rd birthday....2008....Camden, Arkansas

3rd birthday.

I'll post some pictures of her 4th birthday soon! We love you Lainey!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Choose the Left

Okay...I will admit I am HORRIBLE about journaling and writing the funny things down that happen in our home. I was doing good for a bit and had it on our computer, and would journal and copy emails that I'd sent to people as updates, etc....but for a while, I've just been slacking off. So I'm sharing one of those memorable/funny things here, in hopes of remembering it (and if I ever print off my blog, like I've seen done, then it will be somewhere forever!)....

Last Sunday Lainey was the only Sunbeam at church (which isn't unusually in our small, but growing, branch). So they put here in with the "older" kids. They were doing the CTR lesson where they were all given CTR rings. So Lainey was proudly displaying her's on our way home and kept telling us the letters over and over again. We were talking to her about what CTR it means you'll be good, follow Jesus, listen to your parents, be nice to your brother, go to church, etc......We were asking her again if she understood what CTR meant. And she's like, 'yeah, choose the right, like right this way (pointing to the right out the window), cause if it said choose the left like that way (pointing to the left) it would be bad and not good'.

So I guess we'll have to work on not so literal of a meaning of 'right'! Anyways, it was really cute (and I know I left out some other details that I've FORGOT) and just a testament/reminder to me that I NEED to be a better journaler!