Monday, September 22, 2008


9-19-08 We have a BOY on our hands! I promise....he WAS clean. Corbin had just had his bath and I was feeding him his cereal before bedtime. He WOULD NOT leave his hands out of his mouth! He had cereal EVERYWHERE (this isn't the first time it's's just the first time I've actually gotten the camera out for it!). It was on his hands, arms, legs, bouncy chair, if he could reach it, it had cereal on it! He is soooo tired in these pictures....just look at those eyes!

9-20-08 Look out Elton John! Nate decided Corbin should try on some of Lainey's sunglasses! Isn't it just too cute!

Day of Firsts 9-18-08

Today was Corbin's first try in his jumperoo! I'm glad I asked my friend for it back....I really thought it may be too early, but he's just right for it and LOVES IT! It's nice to have something that he sits up straight in. He is sooo ready to be able to sit up on his own, but just doesn't have the back strength yet!

Tonight I made my first bow, too! I've bought a few for Lainey, and at the last fair we went to, I bought a couple more. Nate saw how much one was and was like WHOA....couldn't you just make them yourself. So for about a month and a half I've been meaning to try some on my own, but was just lazy. Then my friend Jill made some and told me a great website to look at.

And I also found another site

Then I went ahead and took the plunge and made my first one! Nate had to run to Wal-Mart the other day and had the kids and even bought me more ribbon to make another one for Lainey! The best part......cost me about 70 cents for everything. If I bought it somewhere....about $5.00!

We Have an Artist!

I must say, I'm pretty proud of Lainey! The last 1/2 year her fine motor skills have really taken off. She LOVES to color and here is one of her latest. She sat down with daddy ALL EVENING long and worked on this! Yes, she did this by herself (minus the dark green bushes at the top....she thought I needed a turn) and worked sooo hard! Way to go Lainey! I had kindergarteners who couldn't color this good at the end of the year after working with them ALL YEAR LONG (that's not an exaggeration!)! (Sorry, I forgot to turn the picture before I posted it!)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day at the Park

On Saturday (Sept. 13th) Lainey, Corbin and I decided to go to the park in anticipation of Hurricane Ike and being stuck indoors for a few days. When Hurricane Gustav came, we had 3 straight days of RAIN RAIN RAIN and were tired of being indoors. We were suppossed to get hit hard by Ike, so we needed to get outside and get the wiggles out!

Here is Lainey swinging on the swings. Don't you just love the sunglasses?

Corbin is just along for the ride.

Here is what our skies looked like at 10:54 am in anticipation of Hurricane Ike storms coming our way.

Lainey loves to play on the jungle gym!

What a cutie!

So Ike has come and left us. It really wasn't all that bad. There were tornado watches out (for us) and warnings popping up all around us (but never our county). We got some drenching rain that would stop after a bit and some bad winds, but that was hit. I guess we lucked out this time!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cakes! Cakes! Cakes!

Some of you know, and some of you may not, but I have been decorating cakes for a little while. In Denver, I took cake decorating classes and even taught some for a while (until I found out I was pregnant and couldn't teach, work at JCP, and teach cake classes). Since then, people have asked me to make cakes for them. My neighbor does a pretty good job keeping me busy....she's lived here her whole life and knows a lot of people so most my "business" is somehow tied to her...Thanks Patty! Here are some that I've done recently and some older ones.

This is a "groom's cake" I did for a 50th wedding anniversary this last week (Sept 2008).

The "wedding cake" for the 50th wedding anniversary (Sept 2008).

I found an ad for a girl looking for someone who did cakes and did this one for her husband who is a fan of this professional soccer team (Aug 2008).

This cake was for a girl's "sweet 16" party (Nov 2007).

This was for a double birthday party for two little girls (Jan 08).
This cake was for a little boy's birthday (June 2007).
This cake was for a couple in our Branch who were getting married (June 2007).
(I'm not sure why the last pictures posted funny.....on the "layout page" they look fine, but then when you "preview" and "post" they are placed funny...oh well.)