Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Trip

Warning: LONG post!

Trip to Tucson 7/15-7/22
We headed to Tucson on July 15th for a family trip and to do Corbin's blessing in Tucson at my parent's ward. Here are some pics and details of our trip!

Tuesday 7/15....

Corbin was able to spend his 3 month birthday taking his first plane ride! I was a little nervous about taking two kids on an airplane, even though Nate was there, but they did great! It was a long day. We left our house at 10 am to make it to Little Rock by noon. Our flight was at 2:00. We had a layover in Vegas and got to Tucson about 9:30 pm Arkansas time. Needless to say, we were tired! One of the best things about today.....we were starving when we made it to Tucson, and we got to eat CHIPOLTE! We have missed that A LOT since leaving Denver! We had one two blocks away and LOVED it!

Wednesday 7/16

Today we took it easy. Went to the mall (yeah!!!!!). Oh...and we had Corbin's 3 month old pictures taken while we were there. Since we don't really have anything in our town, it worked out nicely!

Thursday 7/17

Today was our day at the lake. My parents have an RV and a small boat. They have been wanting us to go to the lake ever since they got the boat. So we were finally able to do it. Lainey was soooooo excited! She got to drive down to the lake (Lake Patagonia) about 1 1/2 hours away in the RV with Nate and grandpa. She LOVED it! Every time I looked back she was perched up in the window with a huge grin on her face. She had a blast at the lake. Grandpa even let her DRIVE the boat. I must say, she did VERY well. If you told her to turn a certain way, she did it. If you told her to straighten out, she could do it too. I was very impressed. She also had fun playing on the little beach and in the shallow water. As you can see, Corbin was our little beach bum. He had fun and really liked to water, too.

Friday 7/18

Today we didn't do too terribly much. There is a HUGE public park near my parents house that has a water area for the kids to play in. Lainey knew we were going to a water park and kept asking about it. So we went there for a bit later in the afternoon. I also spent most of the morning looking for my wedding ring! My mom advised me to take it off and leave it at home while we went to the lake. So I put it down on a shelf by the computer. Friday, we were going to run to one of my mom's offices and meet people, and I went to grab it and COULD NOT FIND IT! We tore the bedroom apart....but no luck. I was sick to my stomach. We thought Lainey may have taken it and put it in her new jewelry box....but we never could get a straight answer from her if she had taken it or not. So anyways, there were many tears shed Friday. Did I ever find it? Anyways....at the water park it was quite funny. Lainey didn't ever get too terribly close to the toys or too soaked, but she knew just the right spots. At one time she said "Daddy, come here. I want to show you something. Stand right here." She had him stand in the perfect place to get dumped on...but keep her mostly dry! It was really quite funny! Friday night, my aunt and uncle flew in from Reno to come down for Corbin's blessing. It was great to have them there!

Saturday 7/19

Today we spent the day at the zoo. This was something Lainey was REALLY wanting to do. She loves the zoo and all the animals...especially elephants. And I guess I should mention Corbin. He was pretty much just along for the ride to everything...but he was soooo good! Today we dressed him up in his new WILDCAT onsie. It was a 3-6 month, and I was hesitant to put him into 3-6 month clothing...even though 0-3 was getting a bit tight...because I didn't want them to drown him. Well, I was WRONG! It fit great! I don't think he'll be in his 3-6 month stuff for very long! The little chunker!

Sunday 7/20

Today we blessed Corbin in my parents ward in Tucson. I have some cousins who live in Arizona that I hardly ever see, and they were able to come down for it and help bless Corbin. After church, we went to a nice hotel and had a yummy buffet for lunch! This is who was able to come to the blessing: Grandma and Grandpa Riley, My Uncle Gordon and Aunt Tina, my cousin Robbie, his wife Sara and their 4 kids....Madelynn, Kyle, Kimberly and Lydia, my cousin Lee and his wife Hanna and my cousin Rachel with her daughter Carsyn. My dad is also good friends with their stake president, so he took part in the blessing, too. It was great to have some family there with us!

Monday 7/21
Today was our last day to do anything in Tucson! We spent most of the day shopping at places we don't have back home. I was really excited to hit the clearance jackpot at JCPenney and get a bunch of stuff for $1.97!!!! So I stocked up for Lainey and Corbin for next year! We went to the Tucson Mall (the mall that is in "Can't Buy Me Love") and they have added a children's place to play in, so here is a picture of Lainey enjoying herself in there.

Tuesday 7/22
We flew back home today. It was a LONGGGG and EARLYYY day! We had to be up around 3:00 am! With two kids and soooo much luggage, we had to be to the airport by 5:00 am to catch our 6:30 am flight! We cut it close, too! After checking everything in, going through security and getting to our gate, we only had about 10 minutes before boarding! So another long day....we got back to our home around 5:30 pm we're home and back to reality!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here's Lainey with Curious George.

Lainey by the little river at the Memphis Zoo.
You can splash around and play in it.

Lainey and her cousins.

Lainey outside the zoo.

In June we headed over to Memphis for a few days to meet up with Nate's sister. The first day we were on our own and we took Lainey to the Children's Museum. She had a blast. She really likes Curious George and they had an entire Curious George area there. The second day we met up with family and headed to the Memphis Zoo. It was a great zoo, I wish had had more time there. That night we just spent time swimming at the hotel and catching up. The third day we were on our own again and headed down to Beale Street and the Mississippi River. My pictures from our third day have mysteriously disappeared off the computer. Not too sure what happened. I'm disappointed because we had some good shots in front of the Mississippi and I'm not sure we'll ever go back!