Thursday, August 9, 2007

Family Campout

We went camping August 3rd-5th for our 6th anniversary. Arkansas is a real outdoors state and there are places to camp, fish, hike, and hunt all around. We went out to White Oak Lake State Park, which is only about 20 minutes from our house. Let me tell you, we picked to WRONG time of year to go camping (in a tent) in south Arkansas. It felt like we were in a sauna for 3 days! It was fun to get away, but maybe we'll leave camping down this way for the spring and fall. Oh well, we had a good time. Lainey was so excited to sleep in the red tent and be outside. She loved to go down to the lake and throw rocks in it.

Bathroom Remodel 101

Well.....7 months after starting it, we're finally finished (well, almost...a new light fixture is waiting to be put up). Anyways, we started to remodel Lainey's bathroom on December 16th and finished just after July 4th. It all started with a "broken" toilet. The toilet was fairly new, but just wasn't working quite right. So we called our home warranty company and they sent a plumber out to fix it. He couldn't find what was causing the problem. However, in order for it to be covered and replaced by the home warranty, they pretty much gave us and him no choice but to break it open. Inside he found a black rubber washer. Well..the home warranty didn't cover "foreign objects" so, we were left with no toilet....even though they weren't going to replace it if we hadn't broken it open. Anyways, replacing the toilet lead to an almost total makeover. We figured since the toilet was out, we would take down the wall paper, repaint, and tile the floor. So there it began. The reason it took so long...well....I guess since it wasn't the master bathroom, we didn't miss not being able to use it. So it was very easy to say "I'll do that tomorrow. or I'll do it next weekend." But it's done! Here's what we had to do....

Remove four layers of wall paper

Texture the walls since the wall paper was attached directly to the dry wall

Pull up the layers of old linoleum

Strip the black paint off all the trim (which I'll never do again...I'll just pull the trim off and replace it)

Strip all the black paint off the cabinet doors and drawers

Replace the exhaust fan, repatch, retexture and paint the ceiling

Paint all the hardware (cabinet pulls, hinges)

Install new baseboards


Install tile floor

We're pretty proud of ourselves and glad that it is done! Lainey would walk by every day and say..."Daddy made a mess. He needs to pick it up!" So she is glad to have her ducky bathroom done!

I'm posting before (the black and red) pictures and the after pictures.